The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov believes that the launch of the streaming platform Apple TV+ will not create difficulties in the Russian market for domestic producers. This opinion he expressed to journalists on Thursday.

“We are closely watching Apple TV+ and other services that appear.

Don’t see much of a problem. But predict that the competition with national content producers subject to the new apps, it’s not just Apple, but Disney will be tough enough,” he said.

According to him, according to the counters, the number of users of the new service is not very large. “The industry is doing — we are talking about a single player,” said the head of Roskomnadzor.

Zharov added that the domestic content producers will adopt protectionist measures. “And we, as regulators, will have to watch,” he said.

Apple has launched the streaming platform Apple TV+ 1 Nov. The platform offers users a seven-day trial period after which the subscription price will amount to 199 rubles per month.

The service, which, according to Apple, will bring together the world’s leading writers and filmmakers, launched in more than 100 countries.

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