CEO Facebook mark Zuckerberg plans to integrate in the near future, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. This will allow users to send messages from one application to another. The plan for the integration of these applications into a single ecosystem indicates a change of the position of Zuckerberg, who after buying Instagram and WhatsApp promised them autonomy from Facebook. What are the motives of this decision and how the merge will affect the users of the applications — in the article “360”.

Protection, confidentiality and competition

That the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg plans to integrate the messaging systems of social networks Facebook and Instagram with WhatsApp messenger announced the publication of the New York Times, citing sources in the project.

To “merge” three applications will need to rebuild and unify the work of all of them at the most basic level. As noted, despite this, all three services will continue to operate as an independent application.

Facebook also plans to protect all messages end-to-end encryption. This is done in order to exclude the possibility of leakage or interception of information.

In addition, the company Facebook, which owns the social network Instagram and WhatsApp messenger, hope that by combining all three applications into a single system it will be possible to increase the confidentiality of data, and the merge will better enable them to sell ads and compete with messaging systems from Apple and Google.

According to a source publication, a preliminary completion date of the project is planned for the end of this or beginning of 2020.

What will happen to users?

After completion of the project enterprises, users will be able to communicate with his interlocutors in all three applications. For example, if a WhatsApp user sends a message to the user Instagram, the latter not only received, but also be able to answer it, even if you do not have WhatsApp account.

The representative of Facebook said that the company are working to simplify correspondence. “People want that instant messaging was quick, easy, secure and confidential. We are working to integrate a larger number of our messengers technology the encryption, and study ways to facilitate users access to friends and family across platforms,” — said in a statement.

The company also said Facebook wants “to give users best experience in terms of communication by messengers”.

Change positions

The project is combining Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp into one system indicates a change in position of the Zuckerberg. After the purchase of WhatsApp messenger and social network Instagram, the head of Facebook promised them significant autonomy.

However, as noted, it is the audience growth of WhatsApp and Instagram has pushed Zuckerberg to the idea. According to the head of the company, closer integration of applications will benefit the entire family Facebook in the long term, said the source publication.

Corporation Facebook acquired WhatsApp messenger for $ 19 billion in 2014, the social network Instagram was bought for $ 715 million two years earlier.

It is worth noting that the creators of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, left the company in September 2018. Then the media was told that the reason for this was the divergence of opinions with the leadership of Facebook is just about the degree of autonomy Instagram, as well as strategies for the development of this social network.

Corporation Facebook was founded February 4, 2004 by mark Zuckerberg together with his three classmates during the training period at Harvard University. Currently, the social network is one of the leading in the world. Total monthly audience exceeds 2.2 billion Facebook users.

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