Uber returns unmanned vehicles on the streets. After the accident, the company Uber has made a number of changes in the system of monitoring drivers in real time. If the system’s sensors note that the driver is distracted from the road, in the car, turn on the notification sound and at the same time the system communicates with a remote specialist who, while in theory, be able to intervene in the operation of the vehicle.

And now to other news. Apple apologized for slow laptops and has released a patch for the new MacBook Pro. The company explained that it found the problem during internal testing, as it is manifested only under specific loads. Is aware of the problem related to all new MacBook Pro 2018 versions 13 and 15 inches.

I recall that quite a long time users have accused Apple that the Corporation does not create a powerful laptop for professional users who work with sound or video in the studios and who prefer to sit on the Mac thanks to their performance and convenience. Details in the program Вести.net.


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