Lightning cables that will not tear.

Paradox — original charging cables for iPhone from Apple are very expensive, but begin to break is very easy, even if you use them quite carefully. Fortunately, third party manufacturers produce a variety of Lightning cables, including durable and reliable. In this collection collected 10 of the best Lightning charging cables for iPhone models going on sale AliExpress you can buy at the best price.

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The most durable cable ROCK

Price: from 198 rubles (discount 38%).

One of the best charging cables for iPhone from well-known manufacturer ROCK. The cable is high strength and is recognized to truly unkillable.

Cable with nylon braided ROCK

Price: 67 roubles (51% discount).

Similar to Lightning cable from the same manufacturer. It is a little easier, but cheaper and has a durable nylon cover, which makes sure the cable is worked for as long as possible.

Durable l-shaped cable GUSGU

Price: from 194 rubles (50% discount).

L-shaped cables are becoming increasingly popular among iPhone owners. And not only that, thanks to the unusual design, they are less likely to be torn. Due to the convenient location of the cable while charging your iPhone, you can continue to play freely on the smartphone. The cable does not interfere with the hand and does not hinder movement.

Folding cable Oatsbasf

Price: from 100 rubles (discount 41%).

Unusual cable that has minimum chances of break thanks to the folding design. Cable automatically retracts into a housing, whereby it also does not tangle easy to store and transport.

Durable cable FLOVEME

Price: from 92 rubles (discount 52%).

Cable, in which the emphasis is placed on the weakest part of a traditional charging cables for iPhone. The front of the connector that is most often torn, reinforced with additional protective layers.

Cable support fast charging PZOZ

Price: from 53 rubles (61%).

Another quality cable with durable braid and support fast charging. Best suited for owners of the iPhone 8/8 Plus and newer models that support fast charging.

Magnetic cable PZOZ

Price: from 80 rubles (discount 41%).

Original magnetic cable, very popular among iPhone owners. Cable automatically attaches to the connector with a magnet.

The l-shaped cable MCDODO

Price: from 47 rubles (30% discount).

Another popular l-shaped cable for iPhone. Sturdy construction and powerful cable with braid will allow you to use the cable for many years.

Reliable cable Baseus

Price: 81 roubles (60% discount).

Reliable Lightning cable for iPhone from a proven manufacturer Baseus. The cable is of higher strength and support fast charging.

Durable cable USAMS

Price: from 52 rubles.

The strength of this cable to the minimum price is amazing. Another advantage of cable is that it comes in various bright colours.


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