Only proven products.

On AliExpress presents many excellent cheap goods. But a lot of outright trash. In this collection brought together these proven products, which are cheaper than 200 rubles. There is a hanger in the form of a deer, checked wireless mouse (!) and much more.

Does not display the prices and links? This is a known bug. It manifests itself in some browsers, and AliExpress does not want to eliminate it. If you do so, just open the page in another browser.

1. Hanger

Price: 135 rubles (discount 37%).

Hanger on the wall in the form of a deer head. Has a comfortable and secure fastening that will allow you to hang even a very heavy thing.

2. Unusual brush

Price: 44 roubles (discount 43%).

Brush with an unusual design, which will allow you to reach hard to reach places. For example, will help to clean your keyboard.

3. Compact flashlight

Price: 85 roubles (28% discount).

A small but very powerful flashlight. The light has an attachment for keys — he will always be at hand.

4. Corkscrew

Price: 170 rubles (20% discount).

Durable and trusted by hundreds of buyers a tailspin. Despite its low price, the corkscrew is really durable, that makes it the majority of models for similar money in the Russian shops.

5. Convenient sponge

Price: 115 rubles (10% discount).

Cool multi-colored wool with excellent quality. Really easy to use, but the main thing — do not break on the first day.

6. Headphones

Price: 54 rubles (discount 43%).

Very cheap wired headphones, but amazing for the money sound. This is noted by the buyers themselves, who admit that they did not expect such a sound from such inexpensive headphones.

7. Charging micro-USB cable

Price: 173 ruble (20% discount).

Original charger micro-USB cable. Its feature is a magnetic connector which can be disconnected from the cable. Many users leave the connector in the smartphone — so significantly reduces the risk to break the cable.

8. Beautiful case for earphone

Price: 32 rubles (discount 49%).

Very nice small pouches for headphones, cables and other small things. Made from pleasant to the touch fabric and closes with a zipper.

9. Wireless mouse

Price: 190 roubles (discount 35%).

Best wireless mouse of cheap models. For ridiculous money, users get a working mouse that can be connected to laptop and fully use. Particularly pleased with the design of the mouse is made in the playing style.

10. The miracle towel

Price: 77 roubles (discount 35%).

The original towel that helps keep you cool on a hot day. Spring and summer is near, and with them, the heat should look to buy right now.


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