A brief story that will make you think about how fleeting technology is developing.


Yes, the most popular tablet in the world appeared 8 years ago. Then Steve jobs called the iPad the perfect device for web surfing and reading. The base model of the original iPad sold for $ 499.

After 8 years the tablet has become a full-fledged computer and many finally replaced it. Thus, its price has dropped to $ 329.

Google Chrome

Google unveiled its own branded browser on 1 September 2008. Soon the app will mark your first major anniversary.

“We have created a beautiful, simple and neat web browser”, – the head of Google described the product 9 years ago.


In 2008, virtual reality for the bulk of humanity looked like something from the world of sci-Fi films. Now everyone can for a few hours to say goodbye to the real world and immerse themselves in the game of the new generation, in which the display becomes the entire world around.


Another hero of the day, which soon will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Exactly one decade ago it was impossible to rent a room or apartment, using only one phone, without unnecessary phone calls and meetings. Now Airbnb, you can find housing in any part of the world and remove it in two clicks for little money.

Spotify (Apple Music)

Despite the fact that streaming services appeared in 2007, really popular appeared only a year later. Swedish project Spotify and Rdio California service earned at the end of 2008. And Apple Music very young service, announced in 2015.


One of the most popular social networks on the planet started in 2008. Now that Instagram has turned into an advertising network to spy on users. Then it was a small startup for those who loved photography and those who are imbued with the capabilities of cameras of smartphones and has romanticized them.


Crowdfunding platform, which has originated not a few of the Internet services and real products. The idea was simple – the engineers and the developers propose ideas, and those who she relished, her sponsor. All as simply and honestly.


Now, if the device does not support cellular networks of the fourth generation, it is considered outdated and stupid. People accustomed to high-speed 4G Internet, but ten years ago it is not used in smartphones and everyone was happy with the third-generation networks.


10 years ago people were hailing a taxi on the street and called dispatch, and today in just a few clicks, interacting with the driver directly, without intermediaries. Besides, often manage to save.


The world’s most popular messenger originated in 2009 in a small warehouse that developers shared with Evernote. And then was sold to Mark Zuckerberg for 19 billion dollars.


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