Gift ideas.

Don’t want to give on February 14 some sort of trinket (but it is possible and it is a compilation), as advised by most files on the Internet? Understand. In this collection we have selected only the real gifts, any small things from AliExpress. All collected in this collection the products presented on the Tmall platform, which delivers purchases within 1 to 5 days with courier service. This means that the gifts will be delivered by 14 February.


Price: 22 491 ruble (10%).

9.7-inch iPad 2018 — a great gift for any occasion in principle. But if you especially want to stand out to his other half, it can be done on February 14. the iPad is ultra fast and even supports stylus pen for Apple Pencil.

Trimmer Philips OneBlade

Price: 2490 roubles.

Cool trimmer Philips, which is one of the best. He has a very comfortable waterproof pen, three comb bristle and a powerful battery. And, of course, modern bright design for the trimmer often buy it as a gift.

Monopod tripod Xiaomi

Price: 1279 rubles (discount 36%).

Chic gadget for any lover of selfie. Universal monopod tripod mount that fits any smart phone. Allows you to comfortably take the selfie, the General plan or to set a smartphone on a tripod for good photos.

A set of tools DEKO

Price: 1187 rubles (discount 34%).

And here is a gorgeous gift for him. According to surveys, men love to receive as a gift, not tools for working at home, but in order to “dig deeper” in the machine. The set of 53 instruments from the famous company DEKO excels nowhere.

Electric toothbrush Oral-B

Price: 1652 ruble (discount 38%).

A universal gift for February 14, which is suitable for him and her. This is the most famous and popular electric toothbrush company Oral-B. Allows not only to make the process of brushing teeth more original and not so boring, but really to whiten teeth.

Car vacuum cleaner

Price: 1346 rubles.

And another gift for the male motorists. Compact car vacuum cleaner, which will give the opportunity to always keep the interior of the car clean.

External battery Xiaomi

Price: 973 ruble (30% discount).

The portable battery is not the first year becomes one of the most popular gifts for various holidays. And why not give it on 14 February, reflecting concern about a loved one? Especially when the best external battery from Xiaomi with capacity 10000 mAh decently cheaper.

Smart watch Xiaomi

Price: 4351 ruble (discount 32%).

Smart watches are also gaining popularity as a gift. One of the most popular smart watches in the world, Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, is sure to become a cool gift. Watch track the activity enable you to obtain notifications from your smartphone and even monitor the heart rate! Thus, in contrast to analogues, they work without recharging for a whole 45 days!

Smart watch Apple Watch

Price: 21 999 rubles (discount 12%).

Much more expensive but much more popular smart watch. Those Apple Watch. Having received such a gift, anyone recognizes you in love, not to mention your second half. Note that now the Apple Watch on Tmall sold with a pleasant time discount.

Robot vacuum cleaner Midea

Price: 7995 rubles (50% discount).

If you want to make an original and useful gift, you should look to the robot-vacuum cleaner. The gadget will thoroughly cleanse the house, making sure that it was always in perfect order.


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