Gift ideas.

What to give on February 14? Usually in the compilations on this topic appear all sorts of cheap little things that I want to give not all. If you want to make a real gift to your loved one, in this collection you will find a suitable option, and at a decently reduced price.

All products from this collection are sold on Tmall is a popular in Russia the Internet-platform from AliExpress where the leading brands sell their products. The main feature of Tmall — courier delivery in the shortest possible time. To Moscow delivered per day in other cities — in the period from two to five days!

1. The iPhone 7

Price: 31 720 rubles (regular price 39 651 ruble).

The smartphone is a perfect gift any occasion, especially on Valentine’s Day. And iPhone — the perfect gift, especially this model as the iPhone 7. The second half will definitely be delighted.

2. Smartphone Xiaomi Mi8 Lite

Price: 17 990 rubles (normal price 21 990 rubles).

If the second half is not very profitable for Apple, that is not less cool variant from the world of Android. Smartphone Xiaomi Mi8 Lite modern design, powerful features and amazing camera can be purchased at a significantly reduced price.

3. IPad

Price: 21 991 rouble (regular price is 24 990 rubles).

The tablet is also a very cool gift. The correct thing, particularly when we are talking about the iPad is definitely the best tablet in the world. Not the most expensive, but very powerful tablet, iPad 2018 can now be bought with a good discount.

4. E-book Onyx Darwin 5

Price: 9984 ruble (regular price 10 292 rubles).

For fans reading far more desirable gift will be a e-book than a tablet. One of the best e-books the ratio “price-quality” Onyx Darwin 5 will definitely delight the recipient and will bring many pleasant hours reading.

5. Smart watch Apple Watch

Price: 20 924 ruble (regular price 22 499 rubles).

Traditionally the right gift smart watch Apple Watch. And give them, both men and women — all remain happy.

6. Gaming headphone

Price: 2694 ruble (regular price 4989 rubles).

The perfect gift for many men will be here such a gaming headset. Proven model with chic 7.1 surround sound, high-quality microphone and high build quality.

7. A set of tools KUZMICH

Price: 3808 rubles (regular price 5441 ruble).

If a man loves “poking around” in a car than in a computer, in this case, the perfect gift — a set of tools. And it’s not because we invented, as shown by surveys conducted before the February holidays among the men. A set of instruments with the sonorous name “KUZMICH” includes 108 items!

8. Trimmer Philips

Price: 1490 roubles (regular price 2098 rubles).

Trimmer — a great gift for the 14th and 23rd of February. We recommend this model from Philips, which is very popular on Tmall. The trimmer has stainless steel blades four settings for length and a convenient charging from USB.

9. Xbox One’s

Price: 23 750 roubles (regular price is 23 990 rubles).

Gaming console a nice gift for any occasion. Valentine’s Day the Xbox One S at all will be an amazing gift. But most importantly, show your love.

10. 43-inch Samsung TV

Price: 24 740 rubles (regular price is 24 990 rubles).

Well, if you need to hit the “heavy artillery”, then give the TV! For example, here is a gorgeous model from Samsung. She appeared on Tmall recently and immediately began to gain popularity among buyers.


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