Great ideas for gifts!

Don’t know what to give to a family member, boyfriend, husband, friend or colleague on February 23? We’ll show you! Gathered in this collection of 10 original and inexpensive gifts for February 23 from AliExpress.

Knife from CS:GO with gradient color

Price: 897 roubles (8% discount).

The perfect gift for any fan of the popular computer game CS:GO. Knife with gradient color will be unusual accessory, and will serve in the economy. Of course, if the owner want to spoil such beauty.


Price: 76 roubles (25% discount).

Handle in the form of a sniper rifle is a great gift on February 23, that is, in the subject. The handle is compact and the original — this will surprise anyone.

Bluetooth headset Xiaomi

Price: 1000 rubles.

Bluetooth headset is in shopping list of the majority of male motorists. But usually “hands did not reach.” This is why make headset, especially high-quality model from Xiaomi, will be glad to any. That gift will be useful and will be used every day.

Wireless headphones

Price: 1166 rubles (discount 56%).

It’s the same story with wireless headphones — all they want, but spending money “here and now” on them not everyone is ready. In this regard, wireless headphones become one of the most popular gifts on February 23 this is not the first year. This model of headphones from a reputable manufacturer Bluedio works up to 7 hours without recharging and it sounds very good.

Screwdriver set Xiaomi

Price: 1427 rubles.

Almost every man always is, what to make out of small items or devices. For example, you need to repair your smartphone or pull up points. But a small screwdriver for this, so the task is delayed. If you make a gift of such a man, then a good set of screwdrivers from Xiaomi is ideal.

Shipping from Russia! Leather crossbody bag

Price: 1164 ruble (40% discount).

Elegant leather shoulder bag that will be appreciated by everyone. Bag is available in several strong colors — choose the most suitable.

Unusual guitar picks

Price: 57 roubles (discount 48%).

Original picks to play the guitar. Will be a cool additional gift for the Amateur to play the guitar.

Lighter with the emblem of Russia

Price: 529 rubles.

Stylish gas lighter with the emblem of Russia. The emblem is made very high quality — Chinese masters certainly tried.

Male posters

Price: 105 rubles (discount 18%).

A collection of true male posters for decor. The posters depicted musical instruments, guns, beer, and other “man things”. Quality posters and drawing above all praise.


Price: 746 rubles (discount 54%).

Gift in order to show their concern — mug-thermos for tea or coffee, which you can take with you to work. For those who have to stand for hours in traffic jams to work in the morning will become indispensable.


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