Real hits AliExpress!

Every week on AliExpress committed hundreds of thousands of purchases. And each week any specific goods “shoot” and become massively popular among buyers. We tracked the statistics for the last week and have collected 10 of the most remarkable and truly popular goods from AliExpress last week.

Charms Marvel

Price: 86 rubles (9% off).

Quality key chains in the style of comics and movies the Marvel universe. There are trinkets in the form of a mask of Iron Man, spider-Man, Superman, Thor’s hammer, and many others. Buyers who over the past week had accumulated a few thousand, noted the high quality of the accessories and attention to detail.

Style headphone AirPods

Price: 651 ruble (discount 31%).

Apple AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones in the world. No wonder that a quality clone of the AirPods has become one of the most purchased products on AliExpress. Fully wireless headphones with more than 80 thousand orders support iPhone and Android smart phones have up to 12 hours of battery life and great for its price sound.

Case for iPhone

Price: 75 roubles (discount 37%).

Cute cases for iPhone with flowers and different patterns — a real hit AliExpress. The covers, of course, give preference to women who give off a pleasant design and durability of the covers. Covers available for all models of iPhone.

Cartoon cases for iPhone

Price: 74 roubles (discount 37%).

And even some iPhone cases that have the greatest popularity among women. Reason — cute and fun prints, which depict various animals. These covers are also available for all iPhone models.

Portable battery

Price: 1077 roubles (discount 36%).

One of the best external batteries on AliExpress has become incredibly popular due to the recent large discounts. Battery with casing, nice design, a small display to monitor charge and a capacity 10,000 mAh is definitely worth of attention this week.

Night light for a child

Price: 71 rubles (discount 44%).

Handy and compact light for a child’s room. His goal is simple — to illuminate the room a nice soft color to the scary night. According to happy customers, with the aim nightlight cope at 100%.

Wireless headphones

Price: 1006 roubles (33% discount).

And another is completely wireless headset rapidly gained popularity in recent days. Headphones have a modern stylish design, really good sound quality, which is surprising for such a small price and work time up to 13 hours of battery life when using the charging case that comes in the kit.

Smart light bulb Xiaomi

Price: 1109 rubles (discount 26%).

“Smart” bulb from Xiaomi continues to be one of the most popular products on AliExpress in 2019. The bulb is significantly longer than that of conventional models, thus can be controlled from a smartphone, allowing the user to select any of the tens of millions of colors for room lighting. An ideal purchase in order to bring to life more of technology.

Watches for men

Price: 236 rubles (discount 23%).

Classic men’s watches are always in trend on AliExpress, but this model pulls ahead. Buyers say the best build hours and really stylish appearance.

Black cases for iPhone

Price: 76 roubles (discount 38%).

And finally, another cover, again for iPhone. Only these covers are not only for women. They prefer men who like the brutality of black covers with different aggressive or original prints.


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