What to give on February 23? Ideas.

Don’t know what is normal to make a gift on February 23? We have some proven ideas. In this collection collected 10 gifts on February 23, which for sure will not be ashamed.

Tmall — delivery of 3 days! Wireless headphones

Price: 4740 rubles (5% discount).

Fully wireless headphones — the most coveted device of the past two years. Very cool model produces the company Elari, which did not make “like Apple” and came up with their own high-quality design headphones. More than just NanoPods Elari pleased with the sound, which is clean even at full volume and impressive bass.

Tmall — delivery of 3 days! Smart watch

Price: 4479 rubles (30% discount).

Smart watches are not far behind in the degree of the request. But if the Apple Watch or the latest smart watch Samsung take frankly expensive, the model Amazfit Bip from Xiaomi is quite affordable. Funny, I do not particularly understand why. These smart watches all the same features as the Apple Watch, including tracking heart rate, but 45 days (!) work without recharging. If such a watch produced by Apple or Samsung, the price would be not less than 20 thousand, that’s for sure.

Tmall — delivery of 3 days! Washer for car

Price: 2787 rubles (discount 18%).

Useful for every man product — high pressure washer from DEKO. Allows you to simply and efficiently wash the car and to stop, finally, to spend the money on the sink.

Tmall — delivery of 3 days! Drill driver

Price: 2379 rubles (discount 32%).

A drill and screwdriver in one bottle — everyone needs to man the instrument. Especially valuable gift would be if the man himself likes to repair everything that gets in your eyes with your hands. This model is actually tested — read reviews, customers are happy.

Tmall — delivery of 3 days! Trimmer + shaver

Price: 3936 rubles (30% discount).

And yet another device “two in one”. Quality shaver and trimmer from Panasonic is suitable to a beard trim, and that a full shave. It is important to note that this is an original unit from Panasonic, and not some clone. Sold on Tmall — delivery takes 2-3 days.

Tmall — delivery of 3 days! Sneakers

Price: 6990 roubles.

Sports shoes from leading brands — a great gift on February 23 for the approaching active spring. On Tmall, you can grab the cool shoes from ADIDAS at discount prices. In the sale available a few models of sneakers.

Tmall — delivery of 3 days! Vacuum cleaner for car

Price: 1346 rubles.

The device, which each man-the motorist will be insanely happy. Compact handheld vacuum cleaner for car will keep the interior of the car is clean always. And again, in the end will give you the opportunity to save expenses on the sink.


Price: 1537 rubles.

Chic multi-tool 11 tools with a stunning design. Really useful thing that will benefit any man.

Beer mug

Price: 947 rubles.

Cool beer mugs with aggressive masculine design. A great gift for those men who have, in principle, already have everything.

Leather wallet

Price: 758 rubles (discount 44%).

Quality leather wallet is an assured gift on February 23. We have traced this model is gaining a rapid popularity in the last two weeks. Take it just as a gift for the coming holiday male.


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