Apple is slow.

From the very first versions of iOS 12 some users, whose number is fortunately small, appeared nasty bug. On a separate iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 can suddenly lose connection to Wi-Fi or LTE. At the end of the 2018 Apple representatives said that the company knows about the problem and intends to fix it in one of the next updates. However, in iOS 12.1.3, two beta of which was released this week, the bug has not been fixed.

Hope that Apple will soon fix the bug with random interrupts connect to Wi-Fi and LTE, not just any. When Apple first started testing iOS 12.1.2 at the end of 2018, staff support, the company claimed that the problem will be fixed in a future iOS updates.

Due to the threat of the ban of iPhone sales in China Apple had to release iOS 12.1.2 early. In this regard, the expectations of users who suffer from symptoms of iOS 12, transported on iOS 12.1.3.

But neither in the first nor in the already final beta versions of iOS 12.1.3 the problem was not corrected. This is reported by users who installed the firmware iOS 12.1.3 beta 3 and beta 4 iOS 12.1.3, released last week, wanting to finally get rid of permanently “trebusica” Wi-Fi or LTE.

Of course, it is possible that Apple postpones long-awaited fix to the final version of iOS 12.1.3. Like it or not, we’ll probably find out next week. The release of two beta versions of iOS 12.1.3 this week indicated that Apple is almost ready to release the final version of the firmware.

Note that there are two working ways to fix the bug associated with the sudden disappearance of Wi-Fi or LTE on iPhone and iPad running iOS 12. About them we described in this statement.


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