Contrary to popular belief about the “one more eat up time gadget”, with the right approach, smart watches allow you to spend less time to interact with the phone, which means that more properly manage their time and achieve their goals. Tell about the applications for Apple Watch, which will help us become more efficient, lead in the shape of the body and mind.

Personal effectiveness

3 Things
Popular task scheduler with a sound structure. It will allow you to instantly capture your goals and effectively plan your time. Simple and intuitive interface did not distract from main thing — your plan for the day. On the clock screen displays the to-do list with checkboxes, in the upper left corner shows how many more tasks. More important tasks can be identified. As you complete you note made check marks, plus can easily add new items by clicking on the “plus” and type the text you will help Siri.

Bear Writer

This app is a must for anyone who likes to take notes on the go. No matter whether it is long texts or small posts for social networks, shopping list or wedding toast — all the texts are at hand, that is on the watch’s screen. Thanks to voice control, to create and edit notes directly from your Apple Watch and continue on any of your devices — iPhone or MacBook, thanks to synchronization. Easy system folders and tags make it easy to sort the text and locate important information in seconds.


If your finances slipping through the fingers, Pennies are made for you. Unlike many similar applications, it does not have to bother to record your spending — you just press on the plus sign and enter the amount. On one screen you always see your budget for the month and the other expenses for the day. Unfortunately, in Pennies there is no opportunity to choose rubles, but in settings it is possible to remove currency altogether, just to make abstract figures.


Our alertness and efficiency during the day largely depends on how well we sleep. Apple Watch there are several apps that help you analyze the quality of sleep. One of them — AutoSleep, which automatically tracks sleep duration and depth, and provides detailed statistics of how your body rested. At first glance, the numbers and graphs, even too much, and it may take time to sort them out. But it is a little obvisnut, and you learn about yourself something new — for example, when you were tossing and turning most actively. All information, including heart rate and data about deep sleep, also stored in the Health app.



If you don’t exercise and you’re more interested in what the base rates of mobility — it is possible to do a built-in Apple Watch app Activity. It not only monitors activity but also guides them towards achieving their goals. Three colored rings symbolize, first, the number of calories expended, and secondly, minutes of active loads (e.g., fast walking), and thirdly, the time spent for a small workouts (watch remind you about them separately). The main purpose and philosophy of the application to enter into a habit to complete all three rings.

Carrot Fit
Perhaps the most fun app for those who strive for perfect form. Your coach becomes a malicious artificial intelligence that promises to turn “flabby carcass into the sample for the human race”. Daily workout takes only seven minutes and include exercises such as “the rise of the hill, which will not be returned”, “mating dance of the dragons”, “the beating of the beautiful celebrities.” The coach-bot is ready for any tricks to force players to achieve their fitness goals. If not skinny, then at least pump the press!

Zones for Training

The app is suitable for anyone who deals with cardio. Everything here is focused on counting the heart rate. Modes are walking, running, Biking, training in the gym. The pulse is displayed in real time, and once it changes and you go from one pulse to the other, the app will beep a warning. After a workout, you can learn the schedule, how much time you trained in each pulse zone. All data is synchronized with the Health app, but the app can be used apart from the iPhone.


This app was created by the skier-the fan and filled it with all the chips, which he lacked in the existing analogues. A big plus of the app is that it can operate independently from the iPhone (it generally can not take it with you to the slope). Built-in sensors in the Apple Watch not only from your wrist to keep track of important indicators, such as number of runs, average and maximum speed or the height of the slope it is also possible to share your achievements with friends in real-time. In such a social network for lovers of winter sports, you can easily find partners for a joint ride.

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Alain Zavarzin:

“I love to ride. In the analogue. But sometimes you want to go with a good company and need to splice a meeting at the Grand resort. Don’t like to look in the pockets of the phone at the most inopportune moment. This time I have experienced an achievement of civilization — you can talk without taking your phone from your watch. (I hadn’t thought about the benefits of this feature.) The altimeter in the Apple Watch shows that your friend is above or below the slope and in what direction. Mega. You can also consider your speed and mileage. And we used to think downs” (



This application is for an emergency meditation — those occasions when it seems that the whole world turned against you. You can press the SOS button on the watch screen and listen to three-minute recording of a soothing voice that will tell you how to relax, breathe and focus. The app is also available a basic course about the basics of meditation, an impressive collection of a variety of voice and sound meditation and entire courses on specific topics, for example, about the goodness or concentration.

10% Happier

One of the most popular apps in 2018, based on the eponymous bestseller by New York Times. The author of the book anchorman Dan Harris experienced an anxiety attack live. After this he began to look for ways to control emotions and to manage their consciousness. So Dan discovered meditation and later launched a popular podcast about mindfulness — and app, offering subscribers a collection of audio and videoeditori from well-known experts from around the world. In the app you can listen to selected courses focused on dealing with stress, anxiety, sleep disorder or improving productivity.

Breathe App
A basic app to practice breathing exercises allows them to learn, even for beginners. These classes will help to calm the mind, relax and concentrate. The main element on the screen graphic visualization with circles that expand on inhale and contract on the exhale. But to stare at the clock optional — on the inhale and the exhale you will feel on your wrist a delicate touch that you can navigate. In the settings you can increase or decrease the duration of the session and the number of breaths. The app will remind you so you don’t miss their next “break”.

Meditation & Sounds

This personalized courses audiomedical in the Russian language, to adapt to your goals and condition. App users get access to a short-stress-meditation, as well as full courses voice meditations that focus on specific tasks, for example, withdrawal anxiety, overcoming fear of flight or self-love. According to the developers, users who use the app on the watch, meditate on average three times more often than those who use it only on the iPhone.

Cooking Kozlov, content-lead Verv:

“Modern man almost constantly is under the influence of microstresses. They can be associated with sleep quality, lack of confidence, loneliness and other factors. If you ignore them for extended periods of time, disturbed the balance of emotional state, comes the “burnout”. We have created an app Meditation & Sounds to help users lead a more balanced lifestyle, to teach them how to cope with stressful conditions and their consequences. By analysing data from Apple Watch, which we obtain with your permission, we know his heart rate at rest, and also understand when the heart rate increases due to physical exertion, and stress. In these moments we offer a user to make one simple action to breathe. Breathing nourishes the brain tissue with oxygen, helping to reduce pressure and to calm down. In the long term, regular breathing and meditation practices to counteract the effects microstresses and help to live a happy and full life.”

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