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After the release of iOS 12 in the Internet appeared the information that the new version of the operating system for the iPhone is incompatible with the first Apple Watch 0 Series. It got to the point that users hesitated to update to iOS 12 for this. So whether iPhone running iOS 12 smart watch Apple Watch Series 0?

Worry about

iPhone running iOS 12, as before, wonderful work with all models of the Apple Watch, including the first Series 0 model. Update to iOS 12 without any fear. A sudden shutdown of the Apple Watch Series 0 will not happen. The watch will fully work with the iPhone and not lose any functions.

The opinion that with the release of iOS 12 Apple stopped supporting the Apple Watch Series 0 is fairly widespread in the Internet. This happened due to the fact that many yellow media announced the “death” of the Apple Watch Series 0.

News of the “death” of the Apple Watch Series 0 appeared after it became known that the smart watch does not support the new operating system watch OS 5. It really is to install watch OS 5 on Apple Watch Series 0 is impossible. However, this does not mean that the watch will stop working.

Thus, Apple Watch users Series 0 can safely update their iPhone to iOS 12 with high speed.


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