It is expected that later this month Apple will unveil the new AirPods. According to rumors the novelty will receive a noise reduction system and change in appearance. This is indicated by many analysts. Today another confirmation of the redesign AirPods was discovered in the first beta version of iOS 13.2.

The developers who first gained access to a new test build of Apple’s mobile operating system were able to detect in the code OSes a few new images. In particular, they found the icon where you can see the unusual wireless headphones.

According to reports, the new Apple headphones are still the name of B298. The image of the headset was detected in the folder “Universal access”. This may mean that the new AirPods will get a number of functions focused on people with disabilities. For example, Apple’s headset can be used as a hearing aid.

It is worth noting that some time ago the network has already published spy shots of the buildings and case study 3 AirPods. Back then, many doubted that the photograph was a picture of what Apple’s new wireless headphones. However, “harvesting” the pictures and icon, found in the files of iOS 13.2, is similar in many ways.


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