Cheap, but proven products.

Fresh selection is great, but frankly cheap goods from AliExpress! In this issue: cases for iPhone in the style of models from Apple, tested magnetic smartphone holder in car, original vintage posters, and more.

1. Case for iPhone

Price: 198 roubles (discount 35%).

Cheap silicone cases for different iPhone models in the style of covers from Apple.

2. Magnetic holder for smartphone

Price: 198 roubles (discount 39%).

Proven by thousands of customers, the magnetic smartphone holder in the car. Will allow you to securely mount your smartphone on the dashboard.

3. MicroSD memory card

Price: 168 roubles (discount 68%).

This week seen a large discount on a microSD card from the company Microdata. Minimum price even fell below 200 rubles, which is rare.

4. Bluetooth adapter

Price: 132 rubles (30% discount).

Inexpensive but proven Bluetooth adapter. Will make it possible to connect any wireless device to a computer that does not have Bluetooth. Can also be used in some automotive systems.

5. USB flash drive

Price: 159 roubles (discount 44%).

USB flash drive with various memory capacity and a sturdy metal body. Available in different bright colors.

6. Wireless mouse

Price: 169 rubles (discount 19%).

One of the most affordable wireless mice. Associated with the computer instantly using the receiver that comes in the kit.

7. Voylokova carpet for your desktop

Price: 160 rubles (discount 17%).

Big voylokova carpet for your desktop. Just looks gorgeous — will make the workplace more enjoyable.

8. Wireless headphones

Price: 114 ruble (15% discount).

The cheapest wireless headphone in all AliExpress. Of course, some great sound from them is not worth waiting. But the sound, however, surprised that the customers say in the reviews.

9. Sunglasses

Price: 166 roubles (51% discount).

Stylish sunglasses for the upcoming spring. One of the most popular models of the beginning of 2019.

10. Bluetooth headset

Price: 89 roubles (30% discount).

Wireless headset for the ridiculous price. The headset quality speaker and a good microphone that will give a chance to talk.

11. Original t-shirt

Price: 170 rubles (discount 24%).

Unusual t-shirt with an original print. T-shirt is very affordable, but buyers it has many. And most of them claim that the quality of the shirts was very pleased for such a low price.

12. Book for cards

Price: 107 roubles (20% discount).

Useful accessory for anyone with many different loyalty cards. The book contains dozens of cards, allowing you to keep them organized.

13. Plate for car

Price: 134 rubles (50% discount).

A plaque with the numbers on which you can provide a phone number and leave on the dashboard. If you someone block his car, the sign that you just will contact.

14. Retro posters of movies

Price: 84 rubles.

Quality posters from various movies. Posters can be used in particular as the original picture.


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