Very cheap but useful.

Fresh selection of inexpensive but useful goods with AliExpress! In this issue: original lighting of the toilet, cool accessories for gamers the tools to produce the car for the season and more.

1. Lights for toilet

Price: 199 roubles (20% discount).

Tested and very popular on AliExpress lighting for the toilet. The backlight is extremely easy to install in the toilet and starts in automatic mode colors to Shine on the user’s choice. The backlight itself is activated when a person approaches. It comes with a motion sensor, which allows the illumination to work in a “smart” mode.

2. Case for battery

Price: 86 rubles (discount 52%)


An unusual accessory that is becoming more and more popular among smartphone users. This is the case for conventional rechargeable batteries. If the battery is inserted into the case, it turns out a gadget — a portable battery that can charge your smartphone. If you want to get a external battery at the lowest price, it does the best job.

3. Charger for car

Price: 125 rubles (discount 63%).

Car charger for car dual USB connectors. Will allow you to charge two devices simultaneously, including smartphones, with support for fast charging.

4. Charging adapter

Price: 134 rubles (discount 49%).

Proven by thousands of customers, charging adapter, also two ports. The adapter has a nice design and output current of 2.1 A. allows for full speed to charge the iPhone and any other smartphones.

5. Shockproof bumper for iPhone

Price: 94 rubles (20% discount).

Translucent bumper for different models of iPhone with a protective function. Bumper protects against impacts and scratches, and the rear surface of the smartphone, and the verge. The accessory comes in three colours, matching the main colors of the iPhone.

6. Night light with motion sensor

Price: 176 roubles (discount 35%).

A cheap but quality night light with integrated motion sensor. Powered by ordinary batteries and lights up when it detects nearby movement. A great buy for anyone tired to find the way, getting up at night.

7. Tools for analysis of the panels of the car

Price: 82 ruble (discount 24%).

Set of four tools for the analysis of the panels of the car. The tools have different shapes, allowing you to reach any places. A very popular item in the last couple of months, motorists are clearly prepared for the summer season.

8. Magnetic holder for smartphone

Price: 199 roubles (discount 39%).

Compact magnetic mount for your smartphone in the car. Smartphone it is held really securely — chances suddenly decrease just yet. But the device is very simple to remove from the holder in order to call or send a message.

9. Putty scratch remover

Price: 68 roubles (discount 21%).

Set of four different colors of caulking to eliminate scratches on the car body. The commodity also gained rapid popularity in recent times, coupled with the desire of car owners to prepare their vehicles for spring and summer.

10. Charging station for DualShock 4

Price: 199 roubles (15% discount).

Dock for charging two controllers DualShock 4 from the PlayStation 4 at the same time. Compact station — will be located anywhere. Gamepads her stand close to each other and it looks impressive.

11. Case for headphones and wires

Price: 126 roubles (25% discount).

A small rugged case for storage and carrying headphones, cables and other stuff. A great buy in that case, if you tortured that the headphones and cables always confused. In this case they will be stored without any problems.

12. Tag on suitcase

Price: 80 rubles (40% discount).

Beautiful tag on the suitcase, which are available in different colors — you will get to choose a tag in the color of your suitcase. On the tags include fields for text, which you must specify your phone number for communication in case of loss of a suitcase. Good and inexpensive purchase for all who travel.

13. The shutter for the webcam

Price: 110 roubles (discount 19%).

Magnetic shutter for the webcam of the laptop. Attaches securely to the front surface of the laptop and allows for a second, without the use of tape or other improvised means to block the webcam. A cool accessory for all he believes in spying on webcam.

14. Sticker for DualShock 4 controller

Price: 96 rubles (discount 41%).

Gorgeous decals for DualShock 4 controllers. Stickers are available with a variety of bright prints, in the sale of about 10 options. Best of all, their very easy to stick on a gamepad. In reviews customers note that the whole process takes only a few minutes. Stickers go perfect.


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