Improve your health!

Fresh selection of quality health products from AliExpress. In this issue: special orthotics with massage effect, black toothpaste with a whitening effect, effective remedy for snoring and much more.

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1. Orthotics

Price: from 214 rubles.

Orthotics to reduce foot pain. Insoles designed specifically for people who suffer from flat feet, which causes severe pain in the legs, for example, by the end of the day.

2. Jade facial massager

Price: 201 rubles (discount 27%).

Popular facial massager with jade stone. Very well relaxes and smoothes the face and allows you to effectively fight wrinkles.

3. Sleep mask

Price: 108 roubles (discount 16%).

Quality sleep mask, which is really nothing to be seen. The masks available for purchase in the store, dealt the fun prints in the form of emoticons.

4. Massager for head

Price: 33 rubles (discount 59%).

Proven buyers of massager head. Delivers incredible fun and highly relaxing. Customers say in reviews that the similar feelings they’d never felt from one massager.

5. Electric neck massager

Price: 783 ruble (discount 41%).

Electric neck massager with heating elements. Massager enough to wear on the neck, to include one of the two modes and to relax. A mandatory purchase for all who have pain in the neck.

6. Massage insole

Price: 189 roubles.

Insole with powerful massage effect, which provides the metal balls. If you use them every day, the pain in my feet will disappear, and also, according to the manufacturer — will decrease weight.

7. Belt for correct posture

Price: 299 roubles (discount 13%).

Proven by thousands of customers, the belt for correcting posture. The zone is very compact in contrast to many analogues. Due to this, its use does not cause discomfort.

8. Bamboo toothpaste

Price: 137 roubles.

Black toothpaste with whitening effect. In toothpaste use organic charcoal and bamboo extract. Only sold in China.

9. Chinese patches for weight loss

Price: from 184 rubles.

Another traditional Chinese product — patches for weight loss. The patches are related to traditional Chinese medicine, therefore, write the buyers, really help.

10. Inflatable collar for neck

Price: from 406 rubles (discount 38%).

The collar neck is a great purchase for all who often have to sit in one position. For example, drivers or office workers. The collar will help support and relax the neck.

11. Oil for the growth of the beard

Price: 356 roubles.

Special oil with vitamin E, which improves beard growth. The oil is completely organic and really works — the effect is noticeable after a few weeks of use.

12. Massage comb

Price: 125 rubles (discount 29%).

Compact massage brush. Don’t take up much space — it happens to keep on hand anywhere. Will be especially useful for those who is often on the move.

13. Back scratcher

Price: 205 roubles (25% discount).

One of the hits of AliExpress — back scratcher. It allows for a quality massage, without the help of other people. Reaches anywhere on the back.

14. Mouth guard anti snoring

Price: 123 rubles.

An effective solution against snoring — a special cap. If you insert it in your mouth before going to sleep, no snoring for the night.


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