The desired products.

Fresh selection of useful products from AliExpress, which will help to improve health. In this issue: thousands of proven buyers massagers of different types, the ultimate remedy for snoring effective posture corrector and more!

1. Electric massager for wrinkle removal

Price: 236 rubles (discount 29%).

Electric eye massager. Allows you to get rid of wrinkles and circles under the eyes. Massager tested — almost six thousand orders.

2. Universal massager

Price: 371 rubles (15% discount).

Small roller massager from synthetic resin. Very compact — take it with you will get anywhere.

3. Compact heart rate monitor

Price: 713 rubles (discount 35%).

Heart rate monitor, which will always be at hand. It is compact, but accurate enough to put your finger on a special platform, a few second and pulse measured.

4. Electronic thermometer

Price: 134 rubles.

Thermometer with soft flexible tip. Completely safe to use, which is particularly appreciated by young parents.

5. Digital thermometer

Price: 1146 roubles (15% discount).

Here is another thermometer for new parents, much more advanced. It accurately measures temperatures at a distance. Due to this, the child will not have to Wake up at night in order to measure its temperature.

6. Cushion for powerful massage

Price: 517 roubles (47% discount).

Wooden roller for quality massage. A great buy for anyone who wants to start doing massage, without spending a fortune.

7. Massage footrest

Price: 518 roubles (47% discount).

Almost a mandatory purchase for all who have to work at a computer all day. This massage footrest that will stretch your feet throughout the day.

8. Remedy for snoring

Price: 120 rubles (30% discount).

Silicone expander for the nostrils, which completely deprives you of snoring. Breathing in it is not getting worse, which is marked by satisfied customers. By the way, buyers of more than 25 thousand.

9. Muscle stimulator

Price: from 485 rubles (discount 60%).

Wireless muscle stimulator that can be used on various muscle groups. To tone muscles even when out of training. However, the greatest effect is achieved during exercise.

10. Massager for head

Price: 105 rubles (discount 21%).

Small but very pleasant-to-use head massager.

11. Posture corrector

Price: 312 roubles (40% discount).

Chest belt for correcting posture. The belt is relatively thin, whereby movement when use is not constrained. Performs its task for a solid five points.

12. Trimmer for nose and ears

Price: 115 roubles (5% discount).

Proven and inexpensive trimmer for hair removal from the nose and ears. Buyers also emphasize that for such a low price, the trimmer is really a high quality.

13. Compact massager for the feet

Price: 233 rubles (25% discount).

Massager for the feet in the shape of a peanut. Helps relieve fatigue from your feet, which especially helps after a big working day.

14. Inflatable collar

Price: 389 rubles (discount 39%).

Inflatable pillow collar to support the neck and thereby not allow it to go numb. It is often bought by those who are constantly working at the computer and drivers.


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