Great products at decent discount prices!

Fresh selection of cool and hand-selected goods from Aliexpress. Of course, with a considerable discount. In this issue: the hit of the season — lighting of the toilet, karambit knife — the dream of every fan of CS:GO, amazing wall shelves, it is strongly fallen in price fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and more.

Karambit with a gradient

Price: 455 roubles (30% discount).

Beautiful knives karambit, made in the style of the popular computer game CS:GO. Knives are not decorative — they can be used for its intended purpose. A great buy for any fan of CS:GO or just a perfect gift for a friend gamer.

Car charger

Price: 173 ruble (25% discount).

Quality charging adapter for the car. It is equipped with two USB connectors, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. Perks of the gadget is two small display and splashproof.

Wireless headphones Meizu

Price: 2 269 rubles (discount 17%).

Original wireless headphone from a Chinese company Meizu, well-known Russians. Headphones are totally worth the price. They have a great rich and loud sound, weigh almost nothing and work the whole 8 hours without needing recharging.

Bluetooth Receiver

Price: 1 220 rubles (discount 33%).

If you have no desire to spend money on wireless headphones, you can buy this gadget that will turn any wired headphones into wireless. The receiver is very light and will not bring any discomfort with continued use. Note that the Ugreen is a proven producer — his shop is one of the most popular on AliExpress.

Kit keyboard+mouse

Price: 1 537 rubles (25% discount).

Cool kit for gamers who want to bring beauty to your computer desktop. Keyboard and mouse made in the same design, perfectly complementing each other. It is noteworthy that the zippers on the cases of the devices may be illuminated in three different colors.

“Smart” lamp

Price: 1 051 ruble (25% discount).

Excellent and reliable “smart” lamp, which stops many buyers. The lamp is controlled directly from your smartphone and can Shine a huge number of colors. And the design of the lamp is very nice — there is a noticeable similarity with counterparts from leading American manufacturers.

Lights for toilet

Price: 246 roubles (discount 32%).

The real hit of the season on AliExpress! Bright lights for road snapping up like hotcakes. Lighting not only has a nice light (there is a choice of different options), but also equipped with a motion sensor. It automatically turns on when it detects a person within a radius of 2-3 meters.

The backlight for the TV

Price: from 139 rubles (30% discount).

And here’s another lighting, not less interesting. This is a set of RGB LEDs that you can attach to a TV and control the light using the supplied remote. This, of course, not Ambilight, but a new feeling when watching TV you just provided.

Stylus pen for all smartphones and tablets

Price: 128 roubles (25% discount).

An original accessory that combines a ball pen and a stylus. Stylus supports any smartphones and tablets, and pen — any type of paper.

Cable clips

Price: from 124 rubles (30% discount).

Another quality product from the company Ugreen. This cable clips to get rid of the wired chaos. Clips very easily, but securely fastened, and most importantly — they look nice.

Wall shelves

Price: 1 103 rubles (30% discount).

Pretty wall shelf in a Scandinavian style. The shelves are very high quality and made of wood, not plastic. They will be able to decorate any apartment.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1 962 ruble (30% discount).

The popular fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 again pleasantly cheaper. If you don’t know about this gadget, it can count your steps, dropped calories, track heart rate, monitor sleep quality, relay notifications from your smartphone (and text) and many more. Elegant device for your small money.

Car thermometer

Price: 104 rubles (discount 26%).

Unusual car thermometer. Its body is transparent — it will not distract while driving. But the temperature will show properly, which, incidentally, would be very useful for coming fall and winter.

Original plates

Price: from 889 rubles (25% discount).

Designer plates, created from the gray ceramics, which is strongly reminiscent of marble. There is such a pleasure. Note that this is a novelty, so the item is temporarily sold at a discount.

Football alarm clock

Price: 692 ruble (discount 34%).

Cool watch with an impressive range of functions: alarm, thermometer, backlight and even a small fan. But the main thing, however, in their design. Watch made in the style of soccer teams of the English Premier League. A fan of any club you will find the option for yourself.


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