Cool products from Aliexpress for “tasty” price!

Fresh selection of great products from AliExpress at decently discounted prices. In this issue: the flashlight battery which will definitely come in handy in autumn and winter, cheap wireless headphones style Beats, drone, and toothbrushes (what a combination) from Xiaomi, a very cute lamp-giraffes and many more.

Wireless headphones

Price: 571 ruble (47% discount).

Quality wireless headphones with neat design and loud, clear sound. Is ideal to do sport activities more enjoyable and comfortable. The model allows to listen to music without having to recharge for four hours.

Car charger for smartphone

Price: 212 ruble (discount 38%).

Compact car charger adapter for smartphone. The gadget has two USB port to charge work two devices simultaneously. The adapter is made of high quality materials and buyers they are more than happy with — reviews a huge amount.

External battery with flashlight

Price: 999 rubles (40% discount).

The developers of this gadget decided to implement the original idea. He crossed the flashlight and external battery. A very compact device fits in any pocket and will help out in any situation. It recharges your smartphone and will light the way home.


Price: 547 rubles (40% discount).

The original lamp in the shape of giraffes. For every giraffe, there are nine LEDs that Shine bright enough but not blinding. A great choice as a nightlight in the nursery.


Price: 750 rubles (discount 65%).

Beautiful humidifier that operates on the network (which is important since constantly buy batteries do not have). The main feature of the humidifier is its design under the tree. This device will complement any interior.

External battery

Price: 442 ruble (discount 44%).

Reliable external battery pack 4400 mAh. The battery is equipped with protection system from overheating and support the conservation of energy in standby mode. Also a great choice for those who have a smartphone in the evening regularly “asks to eat.”

Charging cable iPhone

Price: 285 ruble (20% discount).

Breaking Lightning cables to charge your iPhone is too common. If you are tired of buying new cables, while to look at here such a model. Its coiled cable has a minimum chance to break or get lost.

Drone Xiaomi

Price: 4 621 ruble (25% discount).

Drones are becoming more and more popular, but buying them is still hesitant not all. It was too expensive. However, there are available, but the quality of the model. For example, this from the company Xiaomi, which is just the same, and is famous for its inexpensive but very high quality devices. A drone equipped with a camera with a resolution of 720p (to strengthen the smartphone does not have to) and can fly for 9-10 minutes.

Smart watch

Price: 2 151 ruble (discount 26%).

The stylish “smart” watch with a large display. The gadget is equipped with a complete set of useful features, ranging from the transfer of notifications from a smartphone, ending the pulse measurement.

Bluetooth speaker

Price: 1 356 rubles (discount 49%).

Powerful Bluetooth speaker from a reputable manufacturer. Column can take the music from your smartphone via Bluetooth and to read it with a stick. The device is protected from water and dust and can operate for 10 hours without recharging.

Unusual table lamp

Price: 954 ruble (53% off).

Original table lamp that can take three different positions. In the first two, it will work directly as a lamp. And the third will be a beautiful night light.

Toothbrushes Xiaomi

Price: 361 ruble (discount 24%).

Xiaomi produces not only electronics, but also other useful people products. For example, here are toothbrushes. They are very tidy and do their job on a solid top ten. In the summer of 2018 toothbrushes from Xiaomi became a hit AliExpress.

Tripod mount for smartphone

Price: 177 rubles (discount 29%).

Flexible tripod for smartphone that you can attach to almost any surface. The structure of the tripod will allow you to fix your smartphone anywhere and make a decent picture.

Wireless headphones style Beats

Price: 864 rubles (discount 58%).

Quality wireless headphones in the style of the legendary Beats. The resemblance with the Beats complemented by a great sound. The headphones sounding clean, but very loud.

The controller in the style of the DualShock 4

Price: 2 372 rubles (discount 35%).

And another “clone”. At this time, the controller for the PlayStation 4. The controller not only looks like a DualShock 4, but has one important feature. He freely connects not only to the PlayStation 4, and PC without any dances with a tambourine.


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