Fresh selection of close with Aliexpress!

We present to your attention a new batch of findings from AliExpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: original AirPods at a greatly reduced price with delivery from Russia of up to five days, lighting for toilet 2.0, unique mouse pad with wireless charging for the smartphone, it is nice dropped the price of the Apple Watch Series 3 and much more!

The Bluetooth Adapter

Price: 1 162 ruble (discount 34%).

Autumn has fully come into its own. To mess with wires headphones on the street now is quite unpleasant. However, to buy a new wireless headphone is optional. There are Bluetooth adapters that turn any wired headphones into wireless. The sound quality is not lost. A great solution to the impending problems of wires and cold weather for a little money.

Shipping from Russia! AirPods wireless headphones

Price: 10 431 rouble (25% discount).

If you still want to buy high quality wireless headphones for this season, the best choice, of course, will be the AirPods. Fully wireless headphones Apple became a real hit in Russia this year. Big time battery life, great sound and no wires. In September AirPods has officially risen from 1 500 rubles, but new promotions on Tmall can be time to grab for much less money.

Important! Right now in our group in “Vkontakte” is the draw of the AirPods! Conditions as simple as possible. Participate and probably you will not have to spend money on buying headphones.

HIT AliExpress! Lights for the toilet 2.0

Price: 238 rubles (discount 32%).

We have already talked about the lighting for the toilet in one of our compilations. But not in a hurry to flip through, it’s a different model — improved! It has a quality light, which shines more soft and voluminous light. In addition, “potty”, the gadget features an updated motion sensor. As the first model, this highlighting identifies the person in advance includes light.

Lens for smartphone

Price: 266 roubles (discount 35%).

High quality and very compact lens for any smartphone. This small gadget will help create the perfect pictures in the beautiful autumn season and white in winter.

Mouse pad with wireless charging for the smartphone

Price: 1 151 ruble (discount 35%).

A unique engineering solution that is rare to find on AliExpress. This is a great mouse pad, which is embedded directly in a station for wireless charging of smartphones. If you spend at the computer at least an hour and a half a day, thanks to this carpet need to charge your smartphone will be lost in principle. Of course, your phone must support wireless charging standard Qi.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Price: 732 ruble (discount 55%).

Amazingly beautiful ultrasonic air humidifier, which with it is light. Humidifier night light not only fills the air with pleasant aromas of essential oils (your choice — you can fill in any), but will quickly relax. A chic purchase for fall and winter, when stress will be much larger.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1 826 rubles (discount 23%).

The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 continues to storm. One week its price rises above two thousand rubles, and on the other plummets. This week, the price Xiaomi Mi Band 3 as time fell, we tracked down — you can buy.

Original curtains for bathroom

Price: 1 313 rubles (discount 49%).

If you want to decorate your bathroom with something unusual, you better buy you simply can not find. Very original shower curtains with different prints, for example, a picture of the depths of space. It is noteworthy that the shop offers every buyer to upload your own design blinds. This will be able to buy a unique curtain that will be only you.

Unusual external battery

Price: 744 ruble (20% discount).

Miniature and thin external battery in a nice design they will perfectly suit the girls. The battery capacity is 6000 mAh. Fully charge with such powerbank manage by any average smartphone, iPhone, Xiaomi.

HIT AliExpress! Adapter for quick charging

Price: 324 rubles (40% discount).

A simple but very reliable and compact adapter for charging smartphones. The charger has many protection systems, so to use it safely. And you can just pay attention to the number of orders — there are more than 17 thousand! One of the best selling products on AliExpress.

Touch watch column

Price: 3 323 ruble (discount 62%).

Another unusual device in our collection. This table clock with a touch (!) operation and integrated wireless speaker (!!). Watch-column not just look great but also help to Wake up to your favorite music and clearly see the time.

Shipping from Russia! Toothbrush Oral-B

Price: 1 011 rubles (discount 65%).

But this is a hit Tmall — Russian platform AliExpress, which sells original equipment from leading manufacturers. Electric toothbrush Oral-B, the number of orders which exceeds 12 thousand, powerfully fell, and was sold for only a thousand rubles!

“Smart” watches

Price: 1 250 rubles (discount 52%).

Inexpensive and elegant smart watch in the style of the Apple Watch. The watch is protected from water and dust according to IP68 standard, transmit notifications from your smartphone and monitor various health indicators. Good thing for your money.

Shipping from Russia! Apple Watch 42 mm Series 3 Nike+

Price: 24 170 rubles (15% discount).

Well, if you want the full Apple Watch, it is necessary to pay attention to last year’s model Series 3. She’s already starting to become cheaper after the release of the Apple Watch Series 4. Where to buy at a reduced price get a 42-millimeter Apple Watch Series 3 with a sleek sport band Nike+.

Light with motion sensor

Price: 391 rubles (discount 34%).

The second great light in our collection. This is also a built-in sensor motion detection, but to place it not in the toilet (although craftsmen can put it there). It can be installed under the bed or in the closet. And when you get out of bed early in the morning or to open the cupboard, then you will immediately become visible. Nice soft light turns on automatically.


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