Fresh selection of great products Ali!

Gathered another selection of high-quality and greatly fallen in price of goods from AliExpress! In this issue: waterproof case for any smartphone is so cheap flavor-light, the best wireless headset from Xiaomi, original lock with fingerprint scanner and more.

Universal waterproof case

Price: 133 rubles (30% discount).

The swimming season is still very long. In this regard, many sellers on AliExpress well reduced prices on summer goods. For example, this universal waterproof case for any smartphone was sold much cheaper. Case proven by thousands of customers, he certainly will not miss the water at the wrong time.

HIT AliExpress! External battery

Price: 1 072 ruble (discount 35%).

High quality external battery from a reputable manufacturer ROCK. Powerbank has a nice modern design, 12 protection systems and the capacity of 10000 mAh, which is enough to charge the iPhone 8 almost four times from 0 to 100%. A great buy for those who are tired of the constant empty smartphone.

Multifunctional case for car seat

Price: 1 475 rubles (30% discount).

Very unusual product — a multipurpose cover for car seat that allows you to organize all small and big items in the car. The case is made of high quality artificial leather, as simply and reliably attached and can be decomposed into a small table. Ideal purchase for most motorists, especially those who are going to travel by car with the family.

Fragrance night light

Price: 476 roubles (66% off).

Compact flavor, which performs the role of a nightlight. Perfectly moisturizes the air and fills it with your favorite scents. You can use any essential oil.

Wireless headphone with 8GB memory

Price: 1 724 ruble (discount 58%).

Some of the best wireless headphones for sports. Headphones have their own 8 GB of memory, due to which can play music without using the smartphone. Because of this, to go to workout without needing to carry a smartphone. Also headphones are not afraid of water.

Universal magnetic holder for smartphone

Price: 201 rubles (25% discount).

A small but very powerful magnetic holder for various items, including smartphone. The case holder is designed in such a way that it is in any case not scratched smartphone. You can use both at home and in the car.

Lock with fingerprint scanner

Price: 1 422 ruble (discount 44%).

The original castle, which will open only after you remove it from the lock with his thumbprint. The castle built battery that must be charged only once in two years. In addition, the lock is protected from water and dust to IP65 standard. This means that you can leave the anti-theft lock on the bike and not worry about what he will deteriorate due to a sudden rain.

HIT AliExpress! Durable cable for iPhone

Price: 69 roubles (discount 39%).

Affordable, but durable charging cable for iPhone. An important feature of cable is that the iPhone detects it correctly — no reports of aftermarket accessory comes. Thousands of positive reviews to a visual confirmation.

HIT AliExpress! The Bluetooth receiver

Price: 132 rubles (25% discount).

One of the most affordable Bluetooth-enabled receivers to all AliExpress. The receiver housing is made of simple plastic, but it looks like the gadget not the premium. However, most importantly, with the receiver only a solid five. If you consider that basically on AliExpress much more expensive Bluetooth receivers, this model is definitely worthy of attention.

Heat resistant kettle

Price: 576 rubles (20% discount).

Exquisite tea infuser tea or coffee. The kettle is heat-resistant — it holds the welding temperature high for a long time.

HIT AliExpress! Gradient cases for iPhone

Price: 106 roubles (40% discount).

The most popular covers on AliExpress now. Gradient translucent cases for all models of iPhone are wildly popular. Of course, due to its attractive and modern appearance. Covers are available in different colors — find a suitable everyone can.

Laptop case

Price: 576 rubles (discount 35%).

Incredibly beautiful cover for your laptop or tablet. The bag is made of felt and the inside has a soft lining of felt. Suitable for 12 or 13-inch laptops depending on the model (must choose upon purchase).

Protective case for iPad

Price: 734 ruble (25% discount).

Folio case for iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Case has an original design — it really looks like the book is closed. The choice of buyers available models cover in five pastel colors.

Smart watch

Price: 1 662 rubles (20% discount).

Popular smart watch with a round display. The gadget truly “smart” — it supports apps, receives notifications from your smartphone, counts your steps and other activity, measures the pulse and many more. If you want a smart watch, but to spend a fortune on them there is no desire, then this model is ideal for you.

Wireless headset Xiaomi

Price: 970 RUB (discount 19%).

Miniature wireless headset from Xiaomi. The sound is very loud and clear and the microphone transmits the sound without interference and any noise. Included are three pairs of ear cushions, allowing you to make the headset as comfortable as possible. It is important to note that this is not headphones is a headset, that is only one earpiece.


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