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New collection of excellent products from AliExpress at a greatly reduced price! In this issue: the most popular external batteries for smartphones from leading manufacturers, unusual Christmas decorations, a powerful car charger for smartphone, the best accessories for the toilet, and much more.

Car charger for smartphone

Price: 155 roubles (30% discount).

Powerful (15 watts) car charger for smartphone. Can simultaneously charge two smartphone at the expense of the two USB ports on the front of it. If you charge a single smartphone, it will fill up the charge significantly faster.

HIT OF SALES! Wireless headphones

Price: 923 ruble (25% discount).

Great wireless headphones, which are a hit AliExpress. Headphones have a clean loud sound with rich bass. However, they are protected from water standard IPX7, and work the whole 8 hours without needing recharging. Great purchase for the approaching winter, when fiddling with wires in the cold would be very unpleasant.

Knife sharpener

Price: 504 ruble (50% discount).

Tested thousands of buyers knife sharpener. The sharpener has a non-skid rubber base that allows you to sharpen knives quickly and conveniently. Importantly, the sharpening is done and safely.

Bluetooth speaker

Price: 1 002 ruble (discount 27%).

Compact Bluetooth speaker which despite its size is very loud. Column work without recharging for 12 hours and equipped with anti-shock protection system. In addition, the column is not afraid of falling water.

HIT OF SALES! External battery pack 10000 mAh

Price: 1 is 116 rubles (discount 33%).

One of the biggest hits of AliExpress — external battery from a reputable manufacturer ROCK. Battery capacity of 10,000 mAh. It’s enough to charge an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 almost four complete times. Powerbank equipped with two USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices.

Magnetic holder for smartphone

Price: 232 ruble (25% discount).

Reliable magnetic smartphone holder for car. Gadget firmly holds the smartphone, leaving it always in sight. Holder will be useful to anyone tired of looking for a convenient place for the smartphone in the car.

HIT OF SALES! The sticker on the toilet

Price: 58 roubles (28% discount).

Fun stickers on the toilet with a picture of a cat. Stickers are not only an original idea, but also high quality. A choice of several interesting variants of stickers, each in its own way hilarious.

Vinyl wall decal

Price: 232 ruble (28% discount).

And here’s another sticker, but much more serious. This is a great and colorful owl that can be hung anywhere. Vinyl decal will decorate any room, as it looks very modern and stylish.

HIT OF SALES! Lights for toilet

Price: 204 rubles (20% discount).

AliExpress sensational on the entire lights for the toilet! But not the ordinary model and an improved, second generation. The backlight is attached to the tank inner side and immediately starts working. But it works not always. It has an embedded sensor to track movement, which activates the light only when a person is approaching. As for the light, it is very soft and pleasant.

Lighting with motion sensor

Price: 473 rubles (20% discount).

Another illumination, but of a different type. It can be mounted anywhere and a built-in motion sensors will turn on the lights when a person approaches. To place such lighting in a closet — it will automatically activate the light as soon as you open it. Or, for example, in the hallway — will help comfortably get to the kitchen or bathroom at night.

Unusual garland

Price: 497 rubles (discount 35%).

The new year is rapidly approaching, so think about decorations for the holiday is better now — shipping from AliExpress takes time. In the vast AliExpress many different Christmas decorations, but here’s the original garland with an impressive discount caught our attention the most. It consists of ten interconnected houses, which are highlighted in a pleasant light.

Christmas decoration for window

Price: 108 roubles (20% discount).

Many people hung on the window garlands in the new year season, thereby creating a festive mood not only to himself but to all who are on the street. If you don’t want to bother with the garland, then the solution would be that these stickers-snowflakes. Enough to stick them on the window and in the evening they begin to glow brightly.

HIT OF SALES! External battery Xiaomi

Price: 1 277 rubles (20% discount).

One of the most popular external battery from Xiaomi. Robust aluminium case with a fresh modern design, support for fast charging, two USB ports and a capacity 10,000 mAh — what do you need from powerbank?

HIT OF SALES! Original cases for iPhone

Price: 122 rubles (discount 19%).

Perhaps the most original iPhone cases that we’ve seen. Cheap covers mimic Tetris, the joystick for the console, the legendary Nokia 3310, broken iPhone and many other recognizable things. Covers are designed very efficiently, and most importantly — there is a model for all models of iPhone starting from iPhone 5s, ending with the giant iPhone XS Max.

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 6 741 rubles (20% discount).

The king of budget smartphones, often referred to as Xiaomi Redmi 6A, decently cheaper. A smartphone with a full-length display with a small framework, dual camera and powerful hardware, is one of the most popular low-cost smartphones. On the right specifies the number of smartphone purchases on Tmall. But it should be noted that the sale of 11 November, the smartphone will drop a little stronger, so for greatest benefits can wait a bit.


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