Great products at heavily discounted prices!

Fresh selection of cool goods from Aliexpress with major discounts! In this collection: the best budget smart watch 2018 at a minimal price unusual Christmas drone, festive iPhone cases and many other cool products!

The Christmas drone

Price: 684 ruble (74%).

Want to make your child the most unusual gift for the new year? Then you definitely should look into this cheap new year’s Drona. It’s not just a toy — it is a complete drone with 6 axis gyro! The flight time of the drone is up to 5 minutes, and the special protection of the blades will not allow the gadget to break the first day.

HIT AliExpress! Holiday cases for iPhone

Price: 83 rubles (30% discount).

Before the New year is a month — it’s time to lift your festive mood. This can be done with the help of the Christmas iPhone cases that will constantly remind about the approaching holiday. On the product page covers available for all iPhone models.

Smartphone Lenovo K5

Price: 6 553 ruble (discount 37%).

The best deals this collection — chic smartphone Lenovo K5 with a huge discount! The smartphone has a modern design, a very original case colors, a powerful processor and dual main camera resolution 13 and 2 MP. It is definitely one of the best budget smartphones in 2018. However, more recently, before the discount, the smartphone was not openly budget.

Shipping from Russia! DVR Xiaomi

Price: 2 288 rubles (discount 34%).

The most popular DVR on all AliExpress is much cheaper. Model from Xiaomi is considered still the best. DVR takes high resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, has a convenient control system and supports the most simple ways to transfer videos to your smartphone or computer. It is important to note that the DVR is completely in Russian and sent from Moscow warehouse — delivery will take only a few days.

Braid on the steering wheel

Price: 260 roubles (25% discount).

One of the most useful purchases for the winter for all motorists is a warm braid on the steering wheel. Braid is made of faux fur and is very soft to the touch.

HIT AliExpress! External battery Xiaomi

Price: from 141 1 rouble (discount 26%).

Best external battery pack for Xiaomi smartphones, smart watches and fitness bracelets. Powerbank has a strong but slim aluminium shell, two USB connectors for charging two devices at the same time, the capacity of 10000 mAh and support for fast charging.

Thermo Xiaomi

Price: 2 173 ruble (25% discount).

And another cool product for winter — thermo from the same ubiquitous Xiaomi. First of all, the mug looks very stylish and modern. But its main charm, of course, is to preserve heat for a long time.

Cozy Slippers

Price: 411 ruble (discount 48%).

Another product that will allow you to create the perfect Christmas mood. It’s cozy and warm Slippers in the winter design. They are perfect as original gift for your loved ones.

Unusual external batteries

Price: 2 825 rubles (30% discount).

Many people do not use external batteries because of their size — they are just uncomfortable to carry every day. The perfect solution for these people would be this set from the original compact external battery. The batteries are small capsules that are charged to the special docking station, which is also a battery with capacity of 5000 mAh. When the battery is charged you can take it with you and charge it using a smartphone. The capacity of each capsule is 1000 mAh — enough to charge a smartphone up to 30-50%!

Shipping from Russia! Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Price: 4 095 rubles (discount 36%).

Elegant smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip continued to fall after November sales. “Smart” gadget was sold at a minimum in 2018 price. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip — best cheap smart watch to date. They forward notifications from your smartphone, monitor activity and sleep, are able to monitor the heart rate and have many other features. At the same time work smart hours of battery life is an impressive 45 days!

HIT AliExpress! Christmas decoration toilet

Price: from 206 rubles (discount 37%).

Extremely popular Christmas accessory on AliExpress cover for the toilet lid. Yes, the accessory is unusual and, apparently, its originality, and it attracts thousands of buyers.

HIT AliExpress! Comfortable sponge-brush

Price: 168 roubles (discount 49%).

Another best seller AliExpress recent weeks — a multifunctional brush-sponge, with which you can even sharpen knives! You read it right — the sponge is truly versatile and will be a great addition to any kitchen.

New “covers” for bottles

Price: 120 rubles (30% discount).

Now is the time to enjoy a variety of Christmas decorations for New year — they will come just before the holiday. For example, it is possible to purchase fun holiday “covers” for bottles that are perfect to decorate the table.

Festive pillowcase

Price: 124 rubles (40% discount).

Also the Christmas mood will help to create an interesting festive pillowcases for the pillows. Pillowcases are suitable for cushions 45*45 cm. On the product page there are many different options of pillow cases.

HIT AliExpress! Original Christmas mats

Price: 292 ruble (20% discount).

Another cool product that will fill you with Christmas spirit — festive rugs. Despite its low price, the mats are pretty thick, and thus durable — will last a long time.


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