Fresh selection of cool products!

A new selection of cool goods from AliExpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: best electric toothbrush Oral-B with a huge discount, the most popular budget smartphone Xiaomi, gadget for squeezing all the juice out of tubes of toothpaste and more!

HIT AliExpress! External battery Xiaomi

Price: 1 207 rubles (discount 26%).

The most popular and trusted by thousands of customers, external battery Xiaomi. The model has a strong but slim aluminium body, all kinds of protection systems and the capacity of 10000 mAh. Perfect companion for any smartphone, which will save you from the headaches associated with constant discharge mobile gadgets.

U-shaped pillow

Price: 76 roubles (discount 23%).

Comfortable U-shaped pillow, which has many different applications. It is often used during long car trips or during flights. However, the use of the pillow can be in a very home. Use this pillow on a daily basis allows get rid of neck pain after sleep. Feedback happy customers are the most direct confirmation.

Shipping from Russia! iPhone X 64 GB

Price: 59 992 ruble (25% discount).

Gorgeous iPhone X fell to their lowest prices in 2018. Immediately it is important to note that we are talking about a fully original iPhone X, intended for the Russian market. The RST version of this smartphone is sold at Tmall, where the official device from Apple, you can not find the first month.

External battery

Price: 258 roubles (25% discount).

This is no ordinary external battery, pay attention to it immediately. This gadget becomes portable battery after you insert it conventional rechargeable batteries. The perfect solution for those who do not see sense to overpay for powerbank and has the ability to just use the checked battery power.

DVR Xiaomi

Price: 2 346 rubles (discount 22%).

Most popular on AliExpress DVR for the whole of 2018. This model from Xiaomi, which records videos of excellent quality, without defects or shocks even when driving fast. In addition, the DVR looks very stylish.

HIT AliExpress! Original hanger on the door

Price: 166 roubles (discount 42%).

Simple, but extremely convenient hanger on the door. One second — and for any of your door there towel racks or hangers. In users reviews I am amazed that such a simple item can bring so much benefit!

Shipping from Russia! Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Price: 4 479 rubles (30% discount).

Real hit the sales on Tmall. Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip offer users a full set of features of any flagship smartwatch. Here pushing notifications from a smartphone, and activity tracking and sleep monitoring, and even a sensor to measure pulse. But provided all these features, Xiaomi Amazfit Bip work for a whole 45 days without recharging!

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Price: 1 037 rubles (25% discount).

Yes, you read it right — it’s a Xiaomi Mi Band is the second generation, not third. Its price dropped substantially and the gadget has become quite accessible, so we decided to celebrate it in this collection. Especially because in fact the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is not worse after the release of the Mi Band 3. Bracelet, as before, is counts steps, measures heart rate, sends alerts from your smartphone and much more.

HIT AliExpress! Brush

Price: 86 rubles (discount 35%).

Great brush with two heads for cleaning dust and fluff. Particularly well suited for cleaning car seats.

Shipping from Russia! Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 5 992 ruble (20% discount).

Best cheap smartphone in 2018 — Xiaomi Redmi 6A. The smartphone is really surprising, provided its low price. The model has a modern design, the 5.45 inch full display with a small framework, a powerful processor and excellent 13-megapixel camera. Wanting more for the money is not even necessary.

Shipping from Russia! Electric toothbrush ORAL-B Vitality

Price: 982 ruble (66% off).

Powerful discount sales Tmall, which in any case should not miss! Best electric toothbrush ORAL-B Vitality just collapsed in price. A great purchase for yourself or as an original gift for the New year. Shipping with Tmall takes a maximum of five days, therefore, 31 Dec brush definitely will have you.

Shipping from Russia! Smart watch Samsung Gear Sport

Price: 15 002 ruble (discount 21%).

If you want a more expensive smart watch, you should pay attention on the flagship watch from Samsung. Gear Sport have a premium design, a round display and plenty of opportunities to monitor activities.

A convenient knife for cleaning fish

Price: 91 ruble (20% discount).

Another useful household product, which is much cheaper. This is an excellent knife for cleaning fish. It allows you to quickly clean the fish from scales, not salapa all around.

Shipping from Russia! Vacuum cleaner for window cleaning

Price: 1 453 ruble (discount 26%).

Window washing — the process is extremely tedious. Once and for all make it simple and even enjoyable will allow here’s a gadget we found in the vast AliExpress. It is a complete cleaner, designed for cleaning Windows. Vacuum cleaner very simple, but effective. Pour the liquid for washing Windows, press the button and swipe across the window. One move and the glass becomes clean.

Squeezer for tubes

Price: 85 rubles (discount 43%).

How much do you think toothpaste, you have to throw away when changing the tube, which supposedly ended? Using this gadget you will not only learn the exact amount, but prepare to be amazed. The gadget works very simply, squeezing out tubes of all accidents to a residue. The process is not only helpful for the wallet, but incredibly enjoyable.


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