A fresh batch of cool goods from Aliexpress!

A new selection of excellent and original products from AliExpress with impressive discounts! In this issue: a full-fledged drone with camera, newest completely wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots, a variety of bright lighting, flash for cameras, smartphones and more!

Full drone with camera

Price: 4476 rubles (discount 62%).

On AliExpress presents many drones, but most of them toy. This model is a real drone with integrated camera! With this drone you can fly and record what is happening around at high altitude. Drone supports several modes of flight and is controlled by a convenient joystick.

Light for toilet bowl new generation

Price: 178 rubles (25% discount).

Backlighting for use of the toilet on AliExpress in great demand. Therefore the creators of these “free” gadgets to constantly improve them. Not so long ago on AliExpress began selling the light for the toilet of the new generation, which shines a better light, and features an improved motion sensor that detects when a person approaches the toilet and automatically turns on the light.

Neon lights

Price: from 188 rubles (discount 31%).

Another popular lighting, which buyers found a completely different use. According to the creators of this lighting is intended for use in the car or on the bike. But buyers moved on. They began to place her directly in the apartment, as the original interior lighting. Really cool, but the effect is not worse than the expensive “smart” light bulbs from Philips that are also used to illuminate the interior.

Wooden music box “Harry Potter”

Price: 653 ruble (54% discount).

A very original accessory that will be a perfect purchase or gift for any fan of the universe of “Harry Potter”. This music box made of wood. When you turn the handle, the box opens and plays one of the main musical themes of the films about the boy wizard. Yes, we are talking about the same Hedwig”s Theme that every fan of the “Harry Potter” knows.

Gaming mouse in Razer style

Price: 1012 rubles (discount 54%).

Gaming mouse are not accessible, especially for the flagship solutions from Razer. Fortunately, AliExpress available with affordable alternatives. For example, here’s the mouse in the style of the cult of Razer DeathAdder. The mouse has seven buttons, most of which are programmable, the ability to adjust DPI and RGB-illumination of the wheel.

Convenient water bottle

Price: 222 ruble (discount 69%).

With the new year many will start a new life. In particular, you promise yourself that you will start to keep track of your water balance or will go to the gym. To fulfil both these promises need a stylish and handy water bottle. One such popular and very much off in price on AliExpress.

Wireless headphones in the style of AirPods

Price: 3101 ruble (25% discount).

Not all want to spend more than 10 thousand rubles for AirPods. That is why this quality clone of the AirPods is very popular on AliExpress. Fully wireless headphones and look like AirPods, and charged with a special case. Yes, they sound worse than the original AirPods, but the price is much lower.

Xiaomi AirDots

Price: 3832 ruble (15% discount).

If you want really inexpensive but high-quality wireless headphones, the new Xiaomi is almost ideal right now. Xiaomi AirDots that came out just a month ago, I propose to work up to 12 hours of battery life, great sound and, of course, complete freedom from wires. Also worth noting is the already traditional higher build quality gadgets from Xiaomi.

External battery 20000 mAh

Price: 794 ruble (discount 72%).

One of the best and stylish external battery on AliExpress decently cheaper. This model features a modern design with a capacity from 20000 mAh, two slots for simultaneous charging of two devices and a small indicator that shows the remaining charge.

Original watch

Price: 420 roubles (discount 23%).

A very original watch that will make others wonder. This watch, though not smart, but think just make. The fact is that there is no shooter! Very original solution, which started to be very popular on AliExpress.


Price: 232 ruble (64%).

Powerful showerhead with lots of holes. Head very easy to attach and allows you to “reflash” shower. Just look at the reviews — there are people insanely happy with your purchase, because the lake they “feel shower”.

LED flash for camera smartphone

Price: from 229 rubles (discount 37%).

“I want to stay home, but because of the low light photos are terrible” — one of the most frequent problems of the contemporary users. Indeed, home artificial light does not allow for normal images, even on modern smartphones. The solution to this problem is that such a flash that attaches directly to your smartphone and gives you the opportunity to achieve the ideal light for shooting.

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 5992 ruble (20% discount).

“The king of budget smartphones” Xiaomi Redmi 6A again pleasantly cheaper. Acquire the best cheap smartphone for the time at a reduced price. For such little money no other manufacturer offers a full display, powerful processor and 13 megapixel camera. This is only possible from Xiaomi!

Cute gloves for mating

Price: 283 rubles (discount 56%).

A recent survey of Russians revealed that Russia once again started to knit. Perhaps related to this is the influx of buyers of gloves for binding. This is one of the most popular models is made in the form of cute hedgehogs, and this attracts buyers.

The cheapest wireless headphones

Price: 207 roubles (discount 45%).

Want wireless headphones, but even 1,000 rubles to pay for them mind? Well, then you here! This is the most affordable wireless headphones on all AliExpress. And, perhaps, in the world! Most interestingly, buyers note that the headphones are very good for their incredibly low prices.


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