Fresh selection!

Our new selection of cool pieces from AliExpress at a decently reduced price! In this issue: two tough external battery, original covers for all iPhone models, unusual a MOP (!) Xiaomi, a high-power Wi-Fi and more.

Important! Does not display the prices and links? This is a known bug. It manifests itself in some browsers, and AliExpress does not want to eliminate it. If you do so, just open the page in another browser.

1. Hit AliExpress! External battery Xiaomi

Price: 1099 roubles (discount 26%).

Extremely popular and reliable portable battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 capacity 10000 mAh. Battery demand due to its stylish design, durability, proven protection systems and, importantly — fair capacity. A real hit AliExpress, which can be recommend for everyone who always wanted to buy an external battery, but didn’t know which one to choose.

2. Unusual MOP Xiaomi

Price: 1121 ruble (15% discount).

And here’s another product from Xiaomi that much more original. This MOP! Yes, China’s Xiaomi is available even MOP, which, like most of the company’s products are well thought-out and stylish design. MOP it looks great — wouldn’t have to hide, it will complement the interior. But its main feature is the water sprayer. Pressing a special button, you can pour the floor with water and wet cleaning much faster and easier.

3. Shipping from Russia! Fashionable wireless Bluetooth speaker

Price: 1702 ruble (discount 57%).

One of the most popular wireless speakers on AliExpress. The column has a modern design and impressive the sound is clean and powerful bass.

4. Stylish headphone stand

Price: 483 ruble (20% discount).

At the computer table rarely is a place the headphones — they are always in the way. Here’s a stylish stand for your headphones will help solve this problem once and for all. Stand and hold the headphones, and decorate your desktop.

5. Hit AliExpress! Compact portable battery

Price: 477 roubles (15% discount).

A small external battery, made in the form of lipstick. An ideal purchase for all active girls and women, who regularly do not have enough battery power in the smartphone. The battery will fit into any purse and will serve as an original accessory.

6. Cycling gloves

Price: 631 ruble (discount 45%).

Spring is not far off, and there to the Cycling season at hand. It’s time to prepare. For example, buying a verified thousands of other cyclists gloves from breathable material. Note that in the same store there are many other cool items for cyclists — you can choose.

7. Hit AliExpress! Minimalist case for iPhone

Price: 132 rubles (discount 51%).

Simple silicone cases for all models of iPhone. The covers are designed in the same colors as similar cases from Apple. However, models from the Apple stand, at 30 times (!) more.

8. Transparent case for iPhone with tempered glass

Price: 264 ruble (discount 36%).

Cool cover with protective hardened glass. Glass is fully transparent, so the iPhone they won’t be closed, which is important to many. In selling two models available. One simply closes the back cover, and the second is “book”, and covers also the front surface. It is noteworthy that the second model has a magnetic mount — a big moment.

9. Hit AliExpress! Adapter for quick charging

Price: 237 roubles (discount 42%).

Proven adapter to charge multiple devices simultaneously. However, its main feature in the reliability and Android smartphones, and iPhone are charged with it at maximum speed. Especially, the charge flow is on smartphones with support for fast charging, including many models of Android and the latest iPhone.

10. Hit AliExpress! Car charger for smartphone

Price: 242 ruble (40% discount).

Compact charger adapter for smartphone in the car. With these adapters, users always have problems, but in the case of this model the risk is minimal. This is the most popular adapter from a reputable manufacturer Baseus, which tested almost 50 thousands of buyers!

11. Table USB lamp

Price: 395 roubles (discount 19%).

Nice table lamp with a USB connection. Inexpensive, but shines powerfully. Best of all, it will not have to take a separate outlet. Can even feed from an external battery.

12. The original baking Mat

Price: from 131 ruble (7% discount).

Unusual “gadget” for all food lovers. This silicone Mat with markings. Using markup, you will have to make their culinary masterpieces perfectly smooth and uniform in size. Buyers of this Mat thousands! And most of them say that I would never have thought of this simple but highly useful accessory for the kitchen.

13. Hit AliExpress! Universal charging cable

Price: 337 roubles (30% discount).

High quality charging cable from the company Baseus three or four connectors, depending on model. Many people use devices with different connectors, making it necessary to use different charging cables. One such cable will instantly solve the issue. It is important to note that usually such cables are just awful — I don’t want to charge even one device. But in this case we are not talking about cable, “bought at a gas station”. It really is a quality cable.

14. Lights for crane

Price: 122 rubles (20% discount).

Original illumination of the water for the faucet. Shines beautifully and moderately bright. The main thing — is this thing cheap.

15. Signal booster wifi from Xiaomi

Price: 546 rubles (discount 24%).

In many homes, serious problems with the Wi-Fi signal catches not everywhere, or catches, but very bad. The reason is the old models of routers. To change the router is expensive, therefore we recommend to improve the situation with Wi-Fi with the help of a signal amplifier from Xiaomi. Inserted into the socket in the right place of the apartment, do a quick setup in special app — Wi-Fi started to catch perfect!


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