Fresh selection!

Our selection of cool goods from Aliexpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: the cover, which doubles the time of any iPhone, sharply fallen in price fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2, checked wireless headphones and much more!

1. HIT of sales! The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Price: 1084 ruble (15% discount).

Latest model Xiaomi Mi Band 3 lately, only more expensive. Because of this, many buyers began to pay attention to the previous model of the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which continues to become cheaper. And the demand is quite logical. Set of functions, the gadget is practically identical to the newer models, and the price is almost two times lower! Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is really a worthy purchase for such a low price — and to pass on notifications from your smartphone, and monitor activity and measure heart rate when needed.

2. Gaming headphone

Price: 865 rubles (discount 56%).

Cool gaming headphone stylish gaming inspired design of the Razer. But headphones are not only stylish look. They have a great sound, sturdy and high-quality headband microphone, which will allow to communicate freely in the shell or Skype.

3. Magic wand from the “Harry Potter”

Price: 528 roubles (30% discount).

Original purchase for all fans of the universe of “Harry Potter” (or the perfect gift for people). In commercially available sticks are all the characters of the famous Saga about a teenage wizard. All sticks are of the highest quality that is confirmed by numerous positive feedbacks (over 8 thousand orders).

4. HIT of sales! Tested cable for iPhone

Price: from 118 rubles (30% discount).

Durable charging cable for iPhone, which won’t be problems. Cable and charges your iPhone at high speed, and allows you to connect your smartphone to the computer without errors about using non-original accessory.

5. HIT of sales! Portable battery Baseus

Price: 1156 rubles (discount 32%).

A very popular external battery from a reputable manufacturer Baseus. The battery has a capacity of 10000 mAh. For example, the iPhone 7 using the battery will fully charge as many as four times. The battery has two ports for charging two devices simultaneously, one of the connectors supports fast charging. If you need a portable battery, but you don’t know what to take, we should dwell on this — proven model.

6. Wireless headphones Baseus

Price: 1554 ruble (20% discount).

Another great product from the same manufacturer Baseus, which this week was marked by discounts. Excellent wireless headphones with high quality sound and music without charging for up to six hours.

7. Shipping from Russia! Case-battery for iPhone

Price: 1138 rubles (discount 38%).

If you carry an external battery you don’t like, you greatly increase the battery life of the iPhone can be another way. Use this case, which is directly to the battery. The case looks nice and thin enough not to cause discomfort with daily use. Available for all iPhone models and most cases, it allows you to double (!) the battery life of the smartphone.

8. The faux leather flip case for iPhone

Price: from 134 rubles (20% discount).

Stylish covers made of faux leather for iPhone. Over the last week have become very popular on AliExpress, including because of substantial discounts, which were mounted on the accessory.

9. Universal holder for your smartphone on the steering wheel

Price: 181 ruble (20% discount).

Convenient smartphone holder on the handlebars of the vehicle. Gives you the ability to securely attach any smartphone on the steering wheel, to distraction to see the desired information. Will be especially useful for trips, when you have to constantly consult the map. Well, or hour traffic on the way home from work.

10. Bluetooth speaker

Price: 658 rubles (discount 37%).

Very compact but powerful Bluetooth speaker. Her sound enough to “pump” room — a lot of it from wireless speakers and required.

11. Quality movie posters

Price: from 199 rubles (30% discount).

Quality posters for various classic movies. There are posters of the films “Indiana Jones”, “Jurassic Park”, “Jaws” and many others. Posters made really good quality — this can be safely hung on the wall, adding a room originality.

12. Real karambit knife from CS:GO

Price: 415 roubles (discount 16%).

Chic karambit knife, straight from the popular computer game CS:GO. The knife has different gradient colors, but it is not a toy. It is a complete knife which you can use by appointment if necessary.

13. Mouse pad World of Tanks

Price: 116 roubles (discount 18%).

And another gaming product in our collection, which, incidentally, can be purchased as a gift for the upcoming February 23. Carpet for the mouse in the style of the incredibly popular Russian game World of Tanks.

14. Shipping from Russia! Smartphone Xiaomi Mi8 Lite

Price: 17 990 rubles (discount 20%).

The largest discount selection made smartphone Xiaomi Mi8 Lite. The flagship smartphone of the Chinese company Xiaomi has a modern design, 6,36-inch display with minimal framework, a powerful OCTA core processor and dual camera with a resolution of 12+5 MP! Better features for similar money is not exactly find.

15. Tripod mount for smartphone

Price: 154 roubles (discount 39%).

Durable tripod mount for any smartphones. The tripod legs are twisted, whereby it can be mounted on any surface. But the important thing is that the smartphone is attached to the tripod really durable — will not fall.


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