Fresh selection of close!

A new selection of cool goods from AliExpress at decently discounted prices. In this issue: the best action camera from Xiaomi, powerful fallen in price, quality wireless headphones, a must to buy for all motorists spray and much more.

1. Shipping from Russia! Action camera Xiaomi Mi Action Camera 4K

Price: 7992 ruble (20% discount).

Action camera from Xiaomi with the ability to record video in 4K resolution and wide-angle lens. Due to the six-axis electronic stabilization great videos on camera work, even when doing extreme sports.

2. Lamp-moon

Price: from 572 rubles (discount 45%).

The original lamp in the shape of the moon with stand — used as a night light. The lamp is available in different sizes and also in a special version where you can change the illumination color.

3. HIT AliExpress! Gaming headphone

Price: 1282 ruble (28% discount).

Popular and proven thousands of buyers of gaming headphones. Have aggressive gaming design, great sound and, most importantly, a good microphone.

4. Wireless headphones

Price: 474 rubles (discount 65%).

Perhaps the most advantageous offer selection — wireless headphones with huge discount. Headphones that are usually sold at a price two times more expensive, have a good clean sound and time to work without recharging for four hours.

5. Xiaomi Flashlight

Price: 1188 rubles (discount 27%).

Compact flashlight from Xiaomi. Shines very bright, especially for its size. It is nice that the batteries in the flashlight will not have to spend. It is built-in battery, which is recharged by USB.

6. Shipping from Russia! Multitool

Price: 1273 ruble (discount 27%).

Quality multitool stainless steel. Includes 12 of the most popular tools.

7. Anti-slip stickers

Price: 107 roubles (discount 22%).

A small but very useful items for the home. It’s a set of anti-slip stickers that you can put, for example, a bath Mat. The eternal problem with the fact that the Mat is lifted up or slip is solved once and for all.

8. “Smart” showerhead

Price: 1073 ruble (30% discount).

Unusual shower head with led and temperature sensor. The backlight lights up new color depending on the temperature.

9. Original watch

Price: 2316 rubles (discount 63%).

Stylish and original watch with magnetic mechanism. Their key feature is that the role of the hands into the clock performs a magnetic ball that gradually moves over the dial.

10. Unusual Rubik’s cube

Price: 247 rubles (discount 43%).

Custom Rubik’s cube, which just make you break down. The cube is made very high quality — the verge of moving without the slightest difficulty.

11. Shipping from Russia! “Smart” kettle Xiaomi Mi Smart

Price: 2772 ruble (25% discount).

The growing popularity of the hit site Tmall electric kettle from Xiaomi. The kettle is compact, very quickly heats the water and has a special system of intellectual control. You can directly from the app with your smartphone to customize the kettle, for example, to order him to heat the water to 80-90 degrees, which is ideal for green tea.

12. Durable charging cable for iPhone

Price: 270 rubles (20% discount).

Solid ornate charging cable for iPhone. Buyers who have already accumulated more than four thousand, declare that to break this cable seems impossible.

13. HIT AliExpress! Spray misting

Price: 93 rubles (discount 33%).

Compulsory purchase for all motorists to approaching spring, when the weather will begin to decline. This is a spray that prevents fogging of glasses in the car. My job is a spray cope, as indicated by numerous reviews.

14. Adapter for iPhone

Price: 114 roubles (15% discount).

Adapter for iPhone who do not have a 3.5 mm connector. It will allow both to listen to music through your favorite headphones, and charge your iPhone.

15. Universal charger for batteries

Price: 99 rubles (discount 24%).

Another device which “went off” literally in the last two weeks. Universal charger will give you the ability to charge all types of batteries. And charge really fast.


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