Steep and proven products!

Fresh selection of great products from AliExpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: the cover, which will double the work time of iPhone, cheap RGB light bulb, popular tape for cable chaos, and more.

1. Case-battery for iPhone

Price: 1422 ruble (30% discount).

Popular batteries for iPhone various models. The covers look very modern and are not very thick. But they allow you to double the battery life of the iPhone! A great buy for all iPhone users who are tired to think about charging.

2. Shipping from Russia! Battery with wireless charging

Price: 921 ruble (discount 49%).

External battery with support for wireless charging from a reputable manufacturer Baseus. The battery has a capacity of 10000 mAh and, of course, allows you to charge smartphones, and the traditional way through cable. It is expected that such batteries will be the hit of the season, as similar models announced by other brands.

3. Holder for cables

Price: from 181 ruble (25% discount).

Cool cable holder that attaches to the table. Helps to get rid of constantly lying of cables that spoil the appearance of the workplace.

4. RGB bulb light

Price: from 154 rubles (discount 44%).

Cheap, but a proven buyers RGB bulb. Complete with bulbs is the remote, which changes the color.

5. Passport covers

Price: 183 ruble (20% discount).

Original passport covers depicting comic book heroes and Marvel movies. Perfect for Marvel fans who want to stand out from the crowd.

6. Flexible tripod

Price: 549 rubles (discount 29%).

Tripod with bendable legs for smartphones, cameras and action cameras. Due to the unusual legs of the tripod can be mounted anywhere, even on the tree.

7. HIT AliExpress! Tape to organize cables

Price: from 59 rubles (20% discount).

Far more effective to keep the chaos of cables at the work place will allow such tapes from the company Ugreen. Ribbons give the option extremely simple way to collect all the cables together and make them look neat. What pleases me the most, despite the high quality tape, it is really available.

8. Sweetheart mug

Price: 652 ruble (discount 65%).

Funny mugs with the image of cats. Mugs made of ceramic, which explains their high price without the discount. But now they dropped the price, it is possible to take.

9. Smart soap dispenser Xiaomi

Price: 1765 rubles (discount 16%).

Unusual dispenser of liquid soap from the ubiquitous Xiaomi. It has accurate motion sensor. Simply bring it to the hand and the desired portion of soap will be in the palm of your hand.

10. Table lamp

Price: 133 rubles (discount 67%).

Cheap table lamp with a bendable stem. To set up a light over the work space.

11. Wooden butterfly

Price: 677 rubles (discount 60%).

Very unusual butterfly from the tree. Will become a chic accessory that will set you apart from the crowd, for example, at the wedding.

12. Mesh with LEDs

Price: from 453 rubles (discount 42%).

The holiday season will start soon. Decorate the country in an unusual way will help mesh with LEDs. Highlight a porch or gazebo and summer house will be much more comfortable.

13. HIT AliExpress! Dryer for shoes

Price: 321 ruble (15% discount).

Another product that will be useful the coming spring. Proved by thousands of customers, Shoe dryer. Snow this year has dropped really many shoes will regularly wet. Multi dryer shoes will quickly dry and leave them in new condition.

14. Joystick for smartphone

Price: 658 rubles (discount 39%).

Universal controller for your smartphone. Connects to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. He made a gamepad style joystick for Sony PlayStation 3 — many will be familiar.

15. Lights for toilet

Price: 213 rubles (discount 26%).

High-quality lighting for the toilet, which is a real hit AliExpress in early 2019. Lighting not only illuminates the toilet bowl different colors, but also automatically triggered. It has a motion sensor that detects approach of a person and activates the backlight.


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