Discounted products!

Fresh selection of interesting goods from AliExpress at decently discounted prices. In this issue: silicone cases for iPhone in the style of the original Apple cheap smart light bulb from Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker with a gorgeous sound and much more!

1. Waterproof case for any smartphone

Price: 95 rubles (discount 29%).

Universal waterproof pouch for all smartphones. The case does not pass not only water but also sand. An indispensable accessory for the upcoming beach season.

2. Case for iPhone in Apple style

Price: 147 roubles (discount 48%).

Silicone cases for all models of iPhone in different colors. The main feature of slipcovers is that they are made in the same style expensive covers from Apple. The manufacturer has taken into account the color of the Apple, making your accessories the most similar to the expensive counterparts.

3. Smartphone holder in car

Price: 200 rubles (discount 24%).

Proven holder for any smartphone in the car. Holder elementary is mounted and securely holds a smartphone. With it is extremely easy to take the mobile — nothing to disconnect at the same time, unlike many other holders, are required.

4. Funny USB stick

Price: from 166 rubles (discount 24%).

The original USB stick, which is made in the form of various animals. The stick is ideal for school-age children. Storage capacity ranges from 4 to 64 GB — choose according to his needs it will work.

5. “Smart” light bulb

Price: 1191 ruble (20% discount).

Smart light bulb is known to all Xiaomi and its brand Yeelight. Light can Shine in millions of different colors, which constantly change in a special Appendix. In addition, through this same application the light can be controlled, for example, to set a timetable for the bulb. Definitely the best “smart” bulb from the budget.

6. Screwdriver set Xiaomi

Price: 1218 rubles (30% discount).

And another product from Xiaomi. A set of screwdrivers and 24 magnetic aluminum bits. The set allows to disassemble and to repair any small device. Screwdrivers and bits supplied in solid aluminium case which is very easy to fold bits.

7. Lamp with motion sensor

Price: 232 ruble (discount 35%).

Cheap led light with convenient mounting and a built-in motion sensor. The light bulb can be attached to any surface. When you approach it, it will automatically illuminate a pleasant light. The light is powered by AAA batteries.

8. Radar detector

Price: 760 roubles (discount 23%).

Checked the radar, which is designed to track cameras on the Russian roads. In the reviews a lot of Russians who confirm this and share their experience. It is important to note that with the radar there is a manual in Russian. It is easy to understand.

9. Bluetooth speaker

Price: 2419 rubles (50% discount).

A powerful wireless speaker that plays your music for up to 10 hours without recharging. Sound from speakers is loud but clean, with no unpleasant distortion.

10. Gaming headphone

Price: 1769 rubles (discount 26%).

Stylish gaming headphone, made in the style popular headphone brand SteelSeries. Headphones have a comfortable headband, soft to touch ear pads and audio is 7.1. Note that the headphone cable has a length of 2.2 m. Typically, manufacturers of these headphones from China save money on cable but not in this case.

11. Shipping from Russia! Robot vacuum cleaner

Price: 6545 rubles (discount 45%).

Popular in Russia robot vacuum cleaner from the company’s iLife. The vacuum cleaner features a bunch of sensors that the first-in, crawl in your apartment. After that, the robot will be on schedule or in manual mode, ride on the flat and all thoroughly clean. Anywhere crash the robot will not be as it moves through pre-compiled the map, simultaneously scanning the area around us.

12. Portable battery

Price: 1964 ruble (30% discount).

External battery from a reputable manufacturer Baseus. Battery capacity is an impressive 20000 mAh, there is support for wireless charging at a power of 18 watts. But it is important to note the original design of the battery.

13. Mask for diving

Price: 1137 rubles (30% discount).

High quality and reliable buyers mask for diving. Great purchase for the summer season, especially if you want to start scuba diving.

14. Bluetooth headset

Price: 861 rubles (discount 33%).

Wireless headset that allows you to talk, keeping your hands free. To the headset you can connect two smartphone at the same time, the quality of speaker and microphone. A key feature of the headset in a long time — it is up to 20 hours.

15. Bicycle helmet

Price: 2116 rubles (discount 24%).

The Cycling season will soon begin, you need to prepare. In preparation we recommend to pay attention on a solid Bicycle helmet with sport styling. The helmet is available in various bright colours — choose will any.


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