A collection of excellent products at discount prices!

Fresh selection of cool goods from AliExpress at well reduced prices. In this issue: smart watches and other cool gadgets Xiaomi, wireless headphones tested, durable holder for smartphone and more!

1. Shipping from Russia! Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Price: 4287 rubles (discount 33%).

Rating: 23966 orders, score of 4.9 points.

The smart watch is getting more and more popular, but cheaper is not going. At least when it comes to the Apple Watch and the Samsung watch. Fortunately, inexpensive and very functional models happy Xiaomi.

Smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip have a modern minimal design in the spirit of other devices the Chinese company. On the hand, they look wonderful on the status of those sporting the Apple Watch differ slightly.

But the main thing is the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip — a wide range of options. The watch can transmit all notifications and reminders from your smartphone to track your activity, monitor heart rate, monitor sleep quality and to improve it and to perform many other functions. The hours work perfectly with both Android smartphones and iPhone problems will not arise.

The key difference between Xiaomi Amazfit Bip from the smart watch Apple and Samsung is amazing battery life. Hold the watch up to 45 days without recharging! A striking figure!


  • Stylish, modern design.
  • All the necessary smart clock function.
  • Really long battery life.


  • The lack of a huge number of applications, such as on the Apple Watch.

Customer reviews

Watch super! Functionality is great, delivery to St. Petersburg 5 days (not quickly).Overall satisfied with the product.

Watch is very cool. Came for a week, box intact, everything works fine. I’ll keep looking.

2. DVR Xiaomi

Price: 2498 rubles (discount 26%).

Rating: 13810 orders, score of 4.9 points.

To find a proper video recorder — no easy task. If you are looking for a cheap but quality option, you need to look closely to the DVR from Xiaomi.

Model with modern and stylish design equipped with an image sensor of high sensitivity from Sony. And this is a key feature of the model from all DVRs from the same price categories that are sold on the Russian market. In the last set cheap cameras that cope with its main task bad.

Camera logger Xiaomi has a wide angle — an important feature that will allow you to shoot everything in front of the car. There is also support real operating night mode. It is automatically activated and begins to shoot much better in conditions of poor visibility. Capture resolution in all modes is Full HD.


  • Russian language support.
  • The original stylish design.
  • Compact size will not block the view.
  • A truly quality shot, wide angle, support night mode.
  • Easy system transfer video to your smartphone or computer.


  • There is no display.

Customer reviews

Everything is fine!!! All came quickly the quality is good!!! All works in Russian, great!

A great Registrar! Very compact, easy to place in the car, not interfere with the review, the fasteners on the double-sided adhesive tape. The camera sensor from Sony delivers excellent video quality in both day and night. It is very convenient to connect via Wi-fi through the app.

3. Mug-thermos Xiaomi

Price: 2094 ruble (discount 16%).

Rating: 711 orders, score of 4.9 points.

Original mug stainless steel thermos, which has a small OLED display. Yeah, right on the cover is a small screen — it is possible to watch the temperature of the water in the mug and other information.

However, the display is just an additional feature. In fact, in a mug, a thermos and more pleasing its main features. The thermos is made by special technology, which allows you to save the water is as hot, or, conversely, cold for six hours.


  • A very beautiful appearance.
  • The streamlined shape case — comfortable to hold.
  • Long keeps the water cold or hot.
  • A small OLED display, an unusual original feature.


  • High price.

Customer reviews

Great thermos! In the cold in -10/15 in the car, the temperature dropped about 7-10 degrees per hour. The home at 25 cold exactly 5 degrees per hour. The price is too big of course, but it really is a spaceship in the world thermos mugs.

4. Wireless headphones

Price: 1147 rubles (discount 32%).

Rating: 15493 order, rating 4.7 points.

Wireless headphones from the well-known Chinese manufacturer Bluedio. The first thing headphones pay attention design. Headphones come in three different colors, each of which focuses on the contrast between the two colors.

To the main — both headphones sound? For its small price sound headphones would definitely be described as excellent. The sound is rich, loud, but clean. Felt the bass, but the shortfall, which is a disadvantage of all budget wireless headphones.

Pleased with the battery life. According to formally stated specifications, headphones can work up to 12 hours without recharging. In practice, the headphones allow you to listen to music for up to 7-8 hours, which is a very solid result.


  • The unusual design.
  • Excellent sound quality for the price.
  • Long time of Autonomous work.


  • The relatively thin wire. It is desirable to use carefully.

Customer reviews

Made headphones good wire and plastic hands nice, complete lace Taipa-(pleased), the sound is very good, not audiophile of course, but books to listen to and movies to watch going.

Already bought a second pair of headphones ( the first one broke kid), excellent quality, running in them is a pleasure!

5. Stand for smartphone

Price: 336 roubles (25% discount).

Rating: 303 order, score of 4.9 points.

If you can’t find the place to his smartphone at your Desk, it’s time to think about the stand for it. The majority of stands for smartphones on AliExpress plastic, but there are high-quality aluminum options. One of these found this week.

Sturdy aluminum stand has a solid weight. You can’t call it heavy, but also a sense of cheapness from the lightweight no. The main thing is that due to the relatively large weight stand confidently holds any smartphones. Including flagship models of last years, which were much heavier than previous smartphones.

The stand looks great and has a special slot in the middle. It is done to make the smartphone stand can be attached to a charger. Moreover, the slot is specially made so that the connector cable does not fall out of it. Due to this, will always put the smartphone in the cradle and then plug it in to charge. Obtained as a docking station.


  • Durable aluminum housing.
  • Nice look — does not spoil the design of the desktop.
  • The slot for the cable. Allows you to put the smartphone on charge.


  • The stand may seem overly compact.

Customer reviews

I really liked it. Very good quality, apparently it’s aluminum. It does not cause me any problems, allowing him to download or to watch videos.

Great stand. Ordered for the second. The first is silver, the second — black. The quality is good. The difference between the silver and black variants are still there: the size is slightly different.

6. The fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1676 rubles (discount 19%).

Rating: 120 650 orders, score of 4.9 points.

The fitness bracelet — the accessory that gives a real opportunity to improve life. Best inexpensive fitness bracelet is rightly considered a Xiaomi Mi Band 3, we decided to highlight in this collection.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 many well-known. This gadget with a minimalist design, allows you to track various types of activity, calories burned, sleep quality and other parameters. All tracking bracelet performs very accurately. In addition, the gadget is able to measure the pulse of a person in just a few seconds.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is implemented and the strong support of smartphones. Directly to display the notification and even the message is displayed on the screen is the text. This is very convenient because in order to read the message do not have to get a smartphone out of your pocket. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 works equally well with iPhone and Android smartphones.

Valuable tip: you can take the Chinese version of the bracelet, not global. The widget updates on the Russian language itself, almost immediately after switching on.


  • Discreet minimalistic design.
  • A huge set of features.
  • Long time of Autonomous work.


  • Not detected.

Customer reviews

All good. The order was three weeks. After connecting to the mi fit, everything is refreshed, everything works. Manual in Russian language.

Took the Chinese version. When you connect to the application immediately appeared Russian language. This is before the updates. So there is no reason to overpay!

7. Portable battery

Price: 1147 rubles (30% discount).

Rating: 6128 orders, score of 4.9 points.

External battery from popular and trusted manufacturer ROCK. The battery has a claimed capacity of 10000 mAh, the actual capacity of 7500 mAh. This is quite a standard figure for all portable batteries. Even the same company Xiaomi, which is famous for its batteries, officially declares the characteristics of full capacity and not real.

The battery has a traditional shape with rounded corners, but unusual and pleasant to the touch the front surface. The model is equipped with three charging connectors (two USB-A and USB-C) and supports charging at a small current, which will allow you to charge using the battery the fitness bracelets and smart watches.


  • A pleasant modern design.
  • Relatively slim body. The model is not bulky and not too thin.
  • Three connectors for charging.


  • Not detected.

Customer reviews

Great battery, ordered 28.01.2018 came 21.02. Enough for almost 3 times charge the phone from zero,with a battery of 3500 mAh.

Everything is super! From ROCK quality as always on top. Very nice to hold in your hand.

8. Lights for toilet

Price: 193 rubles (15% discount).

Rating: 4690 orders, evaluation of 4.7 points.

Want to make toilet more original? In this case, you should definitely look at the lighting for the toilet. The device is very easy to install under the toilet rim — to glue or attach it with improvised means are not required. Illumination is powered by three AAA batteries, which will last for many months, and in some cases years.

As activated backlight? Automatically! Right it comes with a simple but effective motion sensor. If a person approaches the toilet, the sensor triggers the light automatically illuminates. Shine, illumination may eight different colors that alternate each other.


  • Original accessory for the bathroom — this is not found in regular stores.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Built-in motion sensor. Lighting will not be active round the clock.
  • Eight colors.


  • The light could be more intense.
  • With the backlight not coming batteries.

Customer reviews

Useful thing for those who have the habit to visit the toilet at night. I just hung up on the toilet, although there all right, but behind that it was not necessary to wash the lamp.

Came very fast, works perfectly. One in the toilet hanged, the second in the corridor works on the movement of 3 meters, is not the night touch go ))

9. Gadget to improve a selfie

Price: 217 rubles (20% discount).

Rating: 475, rating 4.8 points.

Even on the latest smartphones truly good selfie out only under natural light. But to make a good selfie can be at home, if you use a special flash for the selfie camera.

Flash is a circular clip with LEDs, which fits over the upper part of the smartphone. Connect it directly to a smartphone is not necessary. The LEDs on the device begin to illuminate the face (there are three modes), and thereby achieves improvement of the quality of a selfie. However, the main effect of using the device consists in the appearance in the pupils small dots.

As for the food, the gadget works on two AAA batteries which are not included.


  • Inexpensive but very effective gadget.
  • Compact.


  • No batteries included.

Customer reviews

A very good thing! Adjustable light brightness 3 modes.

Took the daughter, she is very happy, normal thing. Shipping to St. Petersburg 15 days by post of Latvia, was thrown into the mailbox.

10. Bottle juicer

Price: 429 roubles (20% discount).

Rating: 6822 order, rating 4.7 points.

Beautiful water bottle with an unusual design. Directly into the bottle embedded manual juicer that lets you quickly add water to the juice, such as lemon.

The bottle looks very modern, the quality is truly excellent. Especially pleased with the bottle material. Hold the bottle nicely even immediately after unpacking. As for the smell, it is present, but after washing completely disappears. No problems with it.


  • The original water bottle for each day.
  • A good volume (650 ml) in order to take the bottle with you anywhere.
  • Built-in juicer.


  • Fragile cover.

Customer reviews

Came very fast, Packed with high quality, no damage. Plastic bottle silky to the touch, very nice.

Excellent bottle. Packed very well, arrived without damage (cracks, scratches no). Quality 100%. Order happy.

11. Razor Xiaomi

Price: 1633 ruble (20% discount).

Rating: 480, rating 4.7 points.

Compact razor from Xiaomi with amazing minimalistic design. Looks like a small tube — will fit anywhere, due to which is ideal for those who regularly are in the road.

Shaves the device quality and, despite its compact size, over a large area. This effect is achieved due to its triple blade system, covering the entire razor head.

Separately, a high autonomy of the razor. Without recharging it works for 30 days with daily use. If you use less, it will last two or three months.


  • Compact stylish body.
  • High-quality Assembly.
  • A system of three shaving blades.
  • Great battery life.
  • Support fast charging from 0 to 100% in 2 hours.


  • Not detected.

Customer reviews

The parcel came quickly. Razor is good, pleasant to use, everything is OK!! Advise!! Took to travel on business trips, so another plus — the compact and easy to handle.

Excellent razor, shaves like a machine. The skin does not irritate.

12. Magnetic smartphone holder

Price: 249 roubles (20% discount).

Rating: 344 ordering, rating 4,9 points.

Not every car is a good place for a smartphone. To cope with this problem will help magnetic holder, which are currently on AliExpress a huge amount. Advise to choose a model, the structure of the body of which is provided in two different options on the choice of the buyer.

The holder can be attached to various areas of the dashboard. It is mounted out of the box — no additional funding is not necessary. Smartphone required after a label on a mobile device, a special magnetic strip. Stick it on the case — the effect will not change. Then, we only bring the smartphone to the holder — the magnetic force will connect.


  • Holder looks modern, does not disfigure the interior of the car.
  • Everything needed to use the holder comes in the kit.
  • The smartphone is held really tight.


  • Not detected.

Customer reviews

In Voronezh we drove for about a month. The quality is good. The magnet set 2 one large and one small, keep in mind.

Well stuck, there is a spare double sided tape and two adhesive pads on the device. Recommend. Fast delivery.

13. Cheap wireless headphones

Price: 96 rubles (50% discount).

Rating: 2446 orders, rating 4.6.

The cheapest wireless headphone in all AliExpress. Is it worth buying them? It all depends on your needs. Headphones, which is not surprising for their price, it does not sound like something special. Moreover, the maximum volume may occur distortion is you need to keep in mind.

However, for such ridiculous prices sound can definitely be called acceptable. Will be able to comfortably listen to music, for example, Jogging. But the best headphones are podcasts, in the reproduction which is not seen no problems.

The battery life headphones modest, but it is common for budget models to two hours.


  • The cheapest wireless headphones.
  • Reasonable sound for its price.
  • Working time: two hours.


  • The sound leaves much to be desired. To take for “serious” listening to music is not necessary.
  • The body is made of cheap plastic.

Customer reviews

Loud sound, MIC works well. Happy as an elephant. I hope will last a long time.

Surprisingly very good headphones, for the price, I was expecting the worst.

14. Shipping from Russia! Multipacker Redmond

Price: 1875 rubles (53% off).

Rating: 2196 orders, evaluation of 4.8 points.

Quality assistant in the kitchen — multipier from the popular Russian producer of Redmond. Baker allows you to cook a variety of dishes thanks to its removable panels. So, one panel gives you the ability to cook Viennese wafers, the second — traditional sandwiches, and the third triangle of toast, etc.

One of the important features of multipara is a non-stick coating. It really works — use a lot of oil during cooking is not required.


  • Compact size — will fit in any kitchen.
  • Different removable panels for cooking a variety of dishes.
  • Non-stick coating.
  • 3 year warranty.


  • Not the most modern design.

Customer reviews

Multipacker came quickly, the courier had brought home. Wanted it, ordered March 8, March 7, brought. Cool thing, tried baking Viennese waffles and sandwiches, super!!!

Took for the grill. Pepper and breast of the divine. Breast is not dry!

15. Shipping from Russia! iPhone 6s

Price: 22 990 rubles (discount 25%).

Rating: 575 orders, rating 4,9 points.

iPhone 6s — tested for years, but still more than worthy to buy a smartphone. The model features a 4.7-inch display, a powerful processor Apple A9 with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz and the excellent 12-megapixel camera.

Is it worth buying iPhone 6s in 2019? Definitely. The smartphone will be updated by Apple at least another few years and get the possibility to install iOS 13, iOS 14. This means that the smartphone will receive all the latest features to be developed by Apple.


  • Quick Apple smartphone at a reasonable price.
  • Great camera.
  • Buy future-proofed — will be updated at least a couple of years.


  • Not detected.

Customer reviews

Ordered for my nieces came to Chuvashia for a week, the seller posted the order on aliexpress PDF cash receipt. Mobile original, 1 year warranty.

Toll on top!! Delivered the next day! The phone is original,not restored,not activated. Recommend!!!


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