Fresh selection!

New collection of excellent and useful pieces from Aliexpress at decent discount prices! In this issue: magnetic wonder holder that will impress any man, Apple Watch Nike+ with a nice discount, cable for faster charging of iPhone and much more!

1. Magnetic holder

Price: 646 roubles (15% discount).

We come up trumps! In front of you. Magnetic pad that attaches to any metal and allows you to attach it to various metal objects. Incredibly useful during the repair of the car, as it can be mounted on the inner surface of the hood and cling to him all the right tools or trite nut. Help out in many other everyday situations.

2. Delivery 1-5 days from Russia! Apple Watch Nike+

Price: 21 111 rubles (discount 12%).

Those Apple Watch Nike+ is a dream for many iPhone users. This week the Apple Watch decently dropped in price on the Tmall platform. What is important to note, as it is not a Chinese counterpart, and the real Apple Watch with a full warranty from Apple (on Tmall originals only). An ideal purchase for all iPhone owners, especially in anticipation of spring.

3. HIT AliExpress! Rugged charging cable for iPhone

Price: from 468 rubles (discount 31%).

One of the most trusted charging cables for iPhone. Cable from a reputable manufacturer Ugreen very durable, but most importantly — it allows you to charge your iPhone at enhanced speed!

4. HIT AliExpress! Miracle brush plate

Price: 197 roubles (discount 39%).

The real miracle brush for plates, pans, pots, and other things. The brush is an absolute hit on AliExpress, buyers really amazed at its capabilities for cleaning.

5. A large felt carpet for mouse

Price: 163 ruble (discount 16%).

Amazing discovery — a large felt carpet for your desktop at very low price. A carpet with dimensions of 700×330 mm excellent support for a computer mouse, but most importantly — it looks fine. Carpet will decorate any computer Desk, since the felt — a win-win.

6. Gamepad for smartphone

Price: 1620 rubles (20% discount).

Universal game controller for smartphones. Give us the ability and comfort to play all modern mobile games. Especially suitable for hits — Royal battle-PUBG and Fortnite to keep playing skill to a new level.

7. HIT AliExpress! The most affordable wireless headphones

Price: 302 ruble (discount 11%).

If you want a cheap, but wireless headphones, here they are! The most affordable wireless headphones on all AliExpress. At the same time they checked — over 7 thousand orders. In reviews, users say that for such little money, they obviously did not expect such quality sound.

8. Water bottle

Price: from 565 rubles (discount 31%).

Spring is just around the corner, and there and summer is the time to prepare for it. If you are planning to start exercise, then you’ll definitely need a bottle for water. This option is probably one of the most interesting. High quality bottle with two modes of operation, stylish design and durable construction.

9. The fire-light

Price: 300 rubles (10% discount).

A light bulb that glows with the fire effect. Qualitatively relax before bed its unusual glow, and just fits in the pocket.

10. HIT AliExpress! The nozzle on the shower

Price: 395 roubles (discount 32%).

The nozzle on the shower, which, according to many buyers, “changed their attitude toward the soul.” The nozzle makes the water pressure from the shower is really powerful and multidirectional. What this achieves such an amazing effect, which customers say in reviews.

11. Cute holder toothbrush holder

Price: 134 rubles (20% discount).

Holder for toothbrushes in the shape of Totoro from the legendary cartoon “My neighbor Totoro”. The holder is very large and done efficiently. Because of this he has thousands of positive reviews.

12. LEGO storage drawer

Price: from 219 rubles (20% discount).

Creative boxes in the form of pieces of LEGO for storage. The boxes are made of durable plastic and available in various bright colours.

13. HIT AliExpress! Portable battery

Price: 1360 roubles (20% discount).

Proven external battery from a reputable manufacturer Baseus, which is just the same specializiruetsya in the charging accessories. The battery has a capacity of 10000 mAh (will charge iPhone 7 three whole times), stylish fluted barrel and a small display that shows remaining charge.

14. HIT AliExpress! Case-battery for iPhone

Price: 1228 rubles (30% discount).

Cover-battery for various models of iPhone. The case is very thin, but the battery comes with a capacity of up to 3200 mAh! This means that for select models of iPhone accessory offers virtually doubling battery life!

15. Leggings for sport

Price: from 475 rubles (25% discount).

It’s time for active training for the summer is almost here. For all the girls determined to get in shape for summer, literally required to purchase such a spectacular sporting leggings.


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