Talk about the programs for which it is worth to switch to macOS.


One of the coolest tools for storing information. DEVONThink is Evernote squared. The program allows you to save and sort any information from the Internet or from your computer. Links, bookmarks, PDF files, presentations, documents, emails. All this can instantly add to DEVONThink and distribute the tags.

Features of the app are built-in artificial intelligence that helps to sort the files and tight integration with macOS. Utility supports AppleScript and Automator. DEVONThink is from 3 000 to 7 000 roubles, depending on the selected version.


The best tool for annotating images. The program is for engineers, artists, teachers, designers, journalists and so on. In General, for anyone who needs to write notes on the pictures. The beauty of this utility is that it allows you to work on multiple images, combining them in a single window. Thanks to this feature, Napkin you can create visual step-by-step instructions, comparisons, multiple photos and so on. The utility will cost 2990 rubles.


Great app for beginners and professional web designers who want to create their own website without writing a single line of code. With RapidWeaver you can not know the programming languages from scratch to develop unique, beautiful, and most importantly a fully working online, spending a minimum amount of time. The app costs 4990 rubles.


A great clipboard Manager from the creators of the well-known Twitter client Tweetbot. Pastebot is a simple and functional app that will be useful to all. The program saves each copied element in the story that it would be possible to come back later. Just press some combination of keys, and the user will appear all the text and images that he copied over the last few weeks.

But that’s not all. Pastebot is able to filter the copied text and modify it. For example, to remove the dots over the E, or to capitalize letters at the beginning of sentences. The program is sold in the Mac App Store for 749 rubles.


Advanced organizer of the content. Pixave is a local Pinterest, in which you can save any image or video. The program is perfect for designers and web developers to store hundreds of concepts and unfinished projects in the Finder. Pixave helps to sort them and, if necessary, to find. Such storage of the images will cost 1150 rubles.


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