Ideas for gifts!

Looking for a gift on February 23? Right now to buy great holiday gifts on sale. Found the best discount by 23 February and gathered them in this collection. All items can be purchased with Express delivery to up to three days for the holiday will come.

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1. Robot vacuum cleaner

Price: 8983 ruble (47% discount).

This robot vacuum cleaner from iLife is one of the most popular in Russia. It is inexpensive in comparison with analogues, but is equipped with everything necessary for a quality auto cleaning at home. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner is suitable for carpet due to its deep cleaning.

2. Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 5767 rubles (discount 23%).

A smartphone is a great gift for any occasion. According to statistics, the budget Xiaomi Redmi model 6A is one of the most frequently purchased in anticipation of the holidays. Xiaomi Redmi 6A has a modern design, the 5.45-inch display with minimal framework, a powerful processor and cool 13-megapixel camera. Top for the money.

3. 32-inch Skyworth TV

Price: 8280 rubles (20% discount).

Proven by thousands of customers, a 32-inch TV from a reputable manufacturer Skyworth. The TV is a very narrow scope, support for Dolby Audio and crystal clear picture.

4. Carob coffee first

Price: 7944 ruble (47% discount).

Carob coffee maker from well known company Philips. Coffee maker has a modern design, features automatic preparation of different beverages and a self-cleaning system.

5. Shaver trimmer Philips OneBlade

Price: 1967 rubles (discount 21%).

Cool razor trimmer OneBlade from Philips. Razor with original design and supports proprietary technology of repetition loops. Thanks to her, to shave or just trim the beard will turn out with perfect accuracy.

6. External battery Xiaomi

Price: 1457 rubles (discount 45%).

Proven external battery from Xiaomi. Battery capacity is an impressive 20000 mAh. This means that to charge an iPhone 7 it can be used up to 10 times! The perfect gift for any man who is not always enough battery power on your smartphone.

7. Multipacker Redmond

Price: 1875 rubles (53% off).

Immediately prior to the holiday popularity gained and multipacker from Redmond. Great gift for bachelors who will be able to cook with multicare any dish in no time.

8. Electric grill TEFAL

Price: 3054 ruble (discount 49%).

And another similar cooking device — a multifunctional grill from TEFAL. Grill elegant: plate, cast aluminum, non-stick coating and two possible positions of the grill for quick and efficient cooking.

9. Wireless headphones JBL

Price: 2505 rubles (30% discount).

Stylish wireless headphones from JBL. Have a terrific sound with powerful bass that provide the special technology of JBL Pure Bass. It should also be noted the original foldable design headphones. To take with you to work anywhere.

10. Original Adidas sneakers

Price: 1186 rubles (discount 65%).

According to polls, sports shoes is one of the most coveted gifts on February 23. And in the ongoing sales on Tmall, there are many interesting options from Adidas, Puma and other famous brands. Especially note the sneakers from Adidas which just collapsed in price.

11. Games SEGA HD Ultra 2

Price: 3390 rubles (discount 35%).

And it is a gift that will return man to his childhood. Game console Retro SEGA Genesis HD Ultra 2 is an updated version of the legendary SEGA Mega Drive 2. Most importantly on this console all the same classic game, but you can play them on any TV by connecting via HDMI. In addition, the console supports cartridges from Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive.

12. A set of tools DEKOPRO

Price: 940 rubles (discount 55%).

Useful gift — a set of 62 tools for all occasions. Tools are stored in a shockproof case.

13. Car vacuum cleaner

Price: 673 ruble (discount 27%).

Compact car vacuum cleaner with a power of 35 W and a nozzle for cleaning hard to reach places. A great gift for all motorists.

14. Telescope Edu-Toys

Price: 973 ruble (30% discount).

As a gift for a child of this collection are suitable not only game consoles. But here is a telescope that is capable of increasing objects up to 45 times. With it, you will be able to examine the craters on the lunar surface and many other objects in the Solar system.

15. Xbox One’s

Price: 20 871 ruble (discount 13%).

If you want to make an unforgettable gift, then the choice should fall on the flagship Xbox One S. included with the console is just five games to buy do not have!


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