The world as we know it coming to an end. Very soon the factories and in the offices of the androids will sweat instead of people, Elon Musk and his cronies will conquer Mars, all will fly on jetpack and do get high. Humanity wins all the diseases and die will become optional. Found 15 photos-harbingers of things to come. Bonus ze best.

1. Apple presented a candle-based Iphone

© CrashBlock / reddit

2. Development of scientists from SKOLKOVO. Slates from plastic bottles, printed on a 3D printer

© kpetar / reddit

3. And this is the invention of the Asian counterparts. Dress, protect from harassment

© imgur

4. Company BMW introduced a new generation of car. Runs on environmentally friendly fuel

© ogarcho / reddit

5. The builders of Pakistan invented a new way of grounding

© Zuot / imgur

6. English scientists have figured out how to care for the oral cavity and save time

© EpicMealTime / twitter

7. High-tech development of Nizhnevartovsk. In 2019, was awarded the Grand Prix at the international biennial of electronic toilets in Tokyo (Japan)

© WoodWhacker / reddit

8. And again, scientists from Russia. This time research Institute, WHICH was invented a unique technology water heating

© imgur

9. An example of the Scandinavian practicality. A new model of sun lounger from the famous Swedish company

© glasgowklove / twitter

10. AirPods directly from Yakutia

© iamgratefulblessup / reddit

11. Chinese cat-the vacuum cleaner in the next couple of years wiping out all robotic vacuum cleaners

© mvaughn81 / imgur

12. But as modern technologies allow to solve small everyday problems

© salveta / imgur

13. Soon these will swing at every Playground of Moscow. The capital will be transformed, as they say

14. In China many people do not know how to use forks. For people at one of the restaurants came up with special sticks. Brilliant

© m0dulate / imgur

15. Soon the new tape technology will help solve one of the two main problems of Russia

© BenViermann / imgur

Bonus. This striking video made in smart home Elon musk. Because the Internet of things

New technology is sweeping the planet. Don’t let them pass by, try to guess riddles, who wrote the neural network. They’re weird.

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