Recently it became known that the hacker was able to bypass the internal Apple website and download from the company’s servers about 90 GB of confidential data. It is assumed that we are talking about payment of user data, some regulatory documents and lists of employees.

According to investigators, during the past year, the cracker is not just remotely went to the Apple server. The cupertinos have noticed unauthorized activity is not immediately. However, as soon as the fact of the burglary was discovered, the company’s representatives contacted the FBI.

The Federal officials quickly took on the trail of a hacker who turned out to be an Australian student. According to reports, his first hacking the servers of the Apple he had in 16 years.

Despite the use of VPN and other tools, the hacker failed to maintain complete anonymity. Prevented that for hacking he used the MacBook. Security Apple company to be able to recognize the serial number of the computer. This information helped to prove the fact of burglary.

The hacker has already pleaded guilty. The sentence must be handed down next month. Meanwhile, the lawyer of the hacker is trying to commute the sentence, stating that his client is a big fan of Apple, and the hack was produced primarily out of curiosity.


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