Last night some of the usual services of Apple are working intermittently. Cupertinos has not commented on the situation. However, users report problems connecting to iCloud, also note that some brands the apps refuse to sync with the Apple ID.

According to the official website of the Apple System Status at the moment is unstable has 19 different services. Among them:

  • iCloud Drive.
  • iWork in iCloud.
  • Mail Drop.
  • Access Mac.
  • Bookmarks and iCloud tabs.
  • Notes, Calendar, Contacts to iCloud.
  • Services Find my iPhone and Find friends.
  • Mail iCloud.
  • Backup.

The first reports about the failures of Apple’s services began yesterday evening. Apparently, cupertinos know about the existence of problems, and now experts are working to eliminate them.

It is worth noting that failures in the iCloud, Find my iPhone and backup functions affected not all users. Some people say that the services continue to operate, albeit with some interruptions.


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