20 years ago Apple introduced the first iMac15 August 1998, Apple announced the first generation iMac, which are then called “aquariums”. IMac G3 20 years ago, was really seen as something unusual and new that goes against the trends, chopped with the axe PC.

The first iMac G3 on sale at a price of $1 299. For the money the buyer has received:

Processor: PowerPC 750 G3 233 — 700 MHz Memory: 128 GB Display: 15 inch CRT

The candy bar was equipped with a CD-ROM drive, graphics from ATI and built-in speakers.
For the time of the release of the iMac G3 was available in 13 different colors. Later, the monoblock will be a long and eventful evolution.

In 2018 from the shelves of the online Apple store official Apple Store us already meets stuffed iMac Pro with a 18-core processor, 4 TB SSD and integrated graphics Radeon Pro Vega in top configuration.
And 20 years ago it all started with this:


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