Not the biggest loss.

Complete new smartphone Apple sample of 2018 will be Lightning adapter with 3.5 mm audio Jack. Users will either have to use the EarPods with a Lightning connector that come in the kit, or buy the adapter separately. This was announced by the company Cirrus Logic, which deals with the supply of these adapters.

Previously, the intention to exclude the Apple adapter from Lightning to 3.5 mm already passed information. In particular, the authoritative Barclays analysts said this at the very beginning of the year. They noted that eliminating the adapter Apple will be able to reduce the final cost of devices to the maximum. After their words are indirectly confirmed by numerous leaks about Apple’s plans to reduce the prices of the new iPhone.

Apple is not new to abandon the familiar components in their devices. Apple was the first among all producers are deprived of their smartphones 3.5 mm audio output, which was recognized by the company obsolete. Original Apple even laughed, however, more modern smartphones come without audiogeek.

However, with the exception of the adapter configuration, the new iPhone will definitely cause a negative feedback. The adapter gives you the opportunity to really easy to connect to your iPhone without any audio output 3.5 mm headphones. However, for users iPhone 9, iPhone 11 , and iPhone the 11 Plus will need to buy this adapter separately (799 rubles in the Apple store) or use a model from previously bought iPhone.

Source: MR.


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