This week in Vancouver, Canada will be the main part of The 2018 International Dota 2 with a prize Fund of a little less than $ 25 million.

CIS-region in the TI this year represent Winstrike Team and Virtus.Pro — the composition of these teams included citizens of Russia and Ukraine. Also in VGJ.Storm plays one Ukrainian.


In the group stage of The International 2018, which took place last week, was attended by 18 teams. They were selected according to the results of other tournaments and official regional qualifiers. The organizers divided the participants into 2 groups of 9 teams.

Better 4 teams of each group hit the top tournament grid after the defeat in the upper grid members transferred to the lower.

The teams ranked 5th to 8th place go directly to the lower bracket, and on the way to the final they have no right to lose.

The participants of the group stage, finishing in last place 9 of their group, are eliminated from the tournament by getting 0.25 percent of the prize Fund the team (065 $ 62 excluding taxes).

When the matches are

According to the schedule, the matches start every day from 20:00 GMT, and the last game should start at 03:00 GMT. For each match the organizers assign one hour, but in General, the schedule may change.

Virtus.Pro needs to start playing against the composition of the PSG-LGD (the official composition Paris Saint-Germain Dota 2) today at 23:00 MSK, but everything will depend on how quickly play TeamLiquid and Optic Gaming. The bears took second place in the group stage of the 2018 and TI was in the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Winstrike Team on the results of the group stage was in the bottom grid. They will fight for survival in the TI vs the Chinese team NewBee today at 04:00 GMT.

Where to watch

The official Russian stream The International in 2018 will take place here.

Or just hit “play”:

Link to the English stream.

TI is also on the special English stream for people who know little about Dota 2.

To watch stream from your iPhone or iPad, it is recommended to install the client Twitch.

When will be the final

The Grand final of The International 2018 Dota 2 will begin at 00:00 GMT in the night from Saturday (25 August) to Sunday (August 26). The winners of the tournament will receive 44% of the Fund, that is almost $ 11 million.

Last year, winning TI, the TeamLiquid team divided the prize equally among the five players, coach, and organization (of seven parts).


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