Apple may surprise fans of their iPhone. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone three 2018 to get a few distinctive features.

Apple iPhone 2018 latest news

It is believed that the new iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 will acquire additional colors. To standard white, gold and black will add a few more original colors.

Apple iPhone 2018 latest news

In a new report, the analyst, given the expected specifications of iPhone 2018. Also citing sources, reported the emergence of new colours for models of this year. In General, the number should be five or seven new body colors for the Apple iPhone.

New 6.1-inch iPhone will be sold in grey, white, red, blue and orange colors. The appearance of the orange and blue will certainly positively received by the public.

IPhone X 2018 will be available in five different colors

In turn, the premium version with a 6.5-inch OLED display X iPhone Plus (or iPhone 11 Plus) will be supplied in colours of black, white and gold colors. Most likely colors will be the same as on the existing Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

For iPhone X with 5.8-inch screen, no data has not been told. But most likely it also will be available in three colors as X Plus.

IPhone X 2018 will be available in five different colors

IPhone price X (2018) and X iPhone Plus (2018)

Also, Ming-Chi Kuo has once again confirmed their assumptions with regards to rates. So, the price of X large iPhone Plus will be the order of $ 1000. That is, it will retain the price range as the iPhone X now. The price of a 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD display, it will be cheaper and will start at $ 700 dollars.

The first steps in adding brightness to their devices, Apple has taken another iMac. Computers of the first generation iMac had a lot of choices of colors and several exclusive. Then came the budget iPhone 5C with a bright color palette.

It is worth saying that with the release of three new iPhone models with different price tag can increase sales of the company. Lowering the price of their smartphones, Apple can attract new users who previously could not buy a iPhone.

Although in the range of $ 700 dollars, the company will face great Android devices. There has to choose will the most important is the consumer. It remains to wait for the official presentation and release of three new iPhone in September 2018.


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