Apple is interested in the new Sony cameras.

Apple has expressed interest in the new 3D cameras from Sony that support Time-of-Flight, according to Bloomberg. According to sources, Apple is interested in using the cameras is a new type of iPhone sample 2019. 3D camera, Time-of-Flight from Sony are cheaper to produce than the solutions that Apple uses. In this connection experts do not exclude that Apple is looking for opportunities to reduce prices on the new iPhone.

The basis of 3D cameras from Sony is the technology of Time-of-Flight which is used to obtain information about the distance to the subject and the depth of the frame. In practice, such cameras can be used for detection of a human face, and to work with augmented reality.

Now Apple completely ignores this technology, relying on its own unique solution. However, the current system is more expensive in mass production, which was reported to Apple and thought about the cooperation with Sony.

According to sources Bloomberg, Apple is interested in equipping the next iPhone generations like 3D-cameras. Indirect confirmation of interest from Apple was made by the Sony representative, who said that “some manufacturers” have contacted the company for talks on the supply of cameras.

Note that the respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will not use the camera’s Time-of-Flight in their devices in the foreseeable future. According to the eminent expert, Apple will present their alternative solution with improved features.

Source: Bloomberg.


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