A compilation of four games for the iPhone, recently became free in the App Store.

Slayaway Camp

Atmospheric a puzzle-horror game in which the player must find a way to commit heinous bloody murder. In Slayaway Camp you can spend many hours, releasing accumulated throughout the week, negative energy.

Game Slayaway Camp used to cost $ 3.

Download Slayaway Camp from the App Store.

PepeLine Adventures

Emotional mood this game can be described as the exact opposite of the previous one. The user needs to rearrange the pieces of the field as a tag, to build a road between two lovers.

Game Adventures PepeLine used to cost $ 2.

Download PepeLine Adventures from the App Store.


The game can be attributed to the genre runner, in this case it has a unique mechanic. The user controls the energy core and should almost instantly react to emerging obstacles. A great time killer.

Game Orsus used to cost a dollar.

Orsus download from the App Store.

Starborn Anarkist

Space is a fascinating two-dimensional shooter third person. Management will have to get used to: there are two virtual joystick, one can right the ship, and the second controls the continuously firing weapons. At the beginning of the game you have to manage a scruffy trash with a weak turret, but every destroyed asteroid or enemy is the source of the modifications.

Game Starborn Anarkist used to cost $ 3.

Download Starborn Anarkist from the App Store.


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