Tell about new apps and major updates in the App Store, released last week.

btw – puzzle maze

Innovative and addictive puzzle game with dozens of challenging levels. The aim of the game is to collect all the circles on the map. The problem is that they are not always visible. The player will have to change the lighting of the room in order to notice them.

Live Music Archivist

Utility for finding and listening to live recordings of various artists. In the program’s database 3 500 musicians and 75 concerts 000. Also you can read reviews of viewing performances and find a new group that will advise the Archivist.

Flashcard Hero

A simple and minimalistic app for learning different kinds of information. It can be as complex terminology and new words in a foreign language. Flashcard Hero in any case will be a perfect companion for learning something. The application also helps to prepare for exams.

Search Ace

Program to search for content on various websites. Instead of working with one search engine Search Ace offers each time to choose an appropriate site that will be easier to find desired content.


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