They should soon be corrected.

In cellular networks 4G and 5G discovered three critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to intercept calls and track the location of smartphones. The vulnerability was found by a group of specialists from the universities of Purdue and Iowa. According to them, to carry out the attack using a new vulnerability may be “any person at least a little familiar with the protocols of cellular communication”.

Experts have disclosed information about only one vulnerability, which was called Torpedo. It uses the “hole” in the paging Protocol, which mobile operators use to send signal on smartphones before you receive a call or text message.

The researchers found that some phone calls made and immediately cancelled for a short period of time can transmit the first paging message without notifying the user. That attackers have the ability to intercept the message and obtain information about the location of the victim.

Scientists stressed that the exploitation of the vulnerability Torpedo attacker needs to acquire the equipment cost only $200. They also stated that the vulnerability is relevant in many cellular networks around the world.

On the other two vulnerability experts still do not tell, as they are more dangerous. One of them allows you to intercept calls.

Source: TechCrunch.


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