The year ends, and the demand for laptops is no. That’s why we chose for you five of the coolest laptops on all occasions: from “cheap and cheerful” to “rich to live not forbid”.

Today there are many people who think laptops are a waste of money, and yet they — these laptops are never go out of fashion. Because every year they become more and more convenient for people who full PC is needed everywhere, not just behind a Desk. A couple of years ago laptops got a VGA card, which to this day, almost not inferior in performance to the ones in desktops, and in 2018 — a much more powerful processors than before. Now, even ultra-thin laptops — not just an expensive trinket to show off, but it is a serious working tool and a versatile entertainment complex. But for fun have to pay the rates on the same “MacBook” considerably more expensive from generation to generation. But we tried not to give away the award for “best” laptop only flagship cars, because one of the important qualities — the ratio of functionality and price of the device. Therefore, we chose the laptops from different price categories.

And something actually has changed in the last year in this area, and why should I change the current laptop to the new one? We talked not so long ago in the article “2018 — laptops and tablets”

Budget laptop for all occasions is one of the few with adequate performance at a reasonable price

Despite the fact that since the Big fall of the Ruble in 2014, the price of laptops has increased at least 2 times, even in Moscow, most of the purchased laptops still cost 20-30 thousand rubles. And it hurts, because good laptops at this price in nature. Nothing you will buy cheaper 30 000, will not be quick, will not with a good screen, will not be hardy.

You can blame the producers, sellers, politicians, universal injustice, etc., but the fact remains a fact and it should take the price of a good laptop usually starts from 40 thousand rubles. But we found a great option, which currently costs on average 37 000 — laptop from HP with a well-remembered name — 15-db0375ur. He’s got a 15.6-inch screen, so it is easier to work with than marching “transkama”, while it weighs only 2 kg, so and carry it with you is not particularly burdensome. Please note that the screen is not muddy like most cheap models with 1366×768 dots, and full HD 1920×1080 pixels.

The processor of HP 15-db0375ur, which is also important, not some sad dual core Intel Core i3 level “just a Word pulled and less than a minute spent on the launch of Google Chrome,” and fresh-juicy-powerful AMD Ryzen 5 2500U — the one we’ve been waiting for, hoping for liberation from the monopoly of Intel. For reference — this is the level of Intel Core i5-8250U, that is bigger than the processor in that MacBook Air, for which your friends got into loans.

With this processor the laptop over 37, 000 to take is not scary. However, the bottleneck is still the hard disk. Though he immediately for 1000 GB, which is good, but still will slow down the whole system. In General, in order to fully unlock the potential of your laptop, it is desirable to change the HDD to SSD at least 256GB (the price is 2600-3000 roubles), and the released hard drive to use as an “filopovic”. And that’s the only thing you will need to bring to mind because of RAM of HP 15-db0375ur — just 8 gigabytes. Just like adults, serious laptops.

Of course, there are disadvantages: not the fastest Wi-Fi module, not the most capacious battery — 41 WHr, as well as the lack of preloaded operating system. However, the latter, for many plus — no need to pay for Windows 10, which you can freely slapped with a stick (or install Linux).

Average price of universal notebook for everything

If you want something more serious, but still not planning to shell out for the Apple MacBook in the amount of 150 000 rubles, or more than a generic model you can even find over 56 000 — Dell G3 15 3579.

What do you mean universal? Let’s go in order. Again, this is a laptop with 15.6-inch screen, so it is also suitable for home use and for travel. The graphics card in it already is not built into the processor, and a separate and very fast NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 4 GB of memory. Any modern game will run fast enough on medium graphic quality.

The processor is also very cheerful, from the latest generation, namely the Intel Core i5-8300H. No six-core, but still very quick — used to put in the most expensive gaming laptops. However, for serious problems also need a lot of RAM, and G3, Dell 15 3579 in this version “a” only 8 GB back to back. But the good news is that they can be expanded up to 32 GB, but at their own expense, of course.

The laptop is not as light a 2.5 pounds for every day wear you will be too lazy, but from time to time, or often, but by public/private transport — still no problems. But in addition to the hard disk on terabyte, as in the above model, Dell G3 15 3579 there are 128GB SSD’s. Yes, it’s still a little bit, just for the operating system and any major programs, but even that will make your life much nicer by quickly loading the OS and these programs. Games, however, do not belong to them, as their present size — to live they will have on the hard drive.

This model, again, comes without a preinstalled operating system (although you can install it yourself or find a version of this laptop where everything is already done for you). One of the drawbacks (which, however, is applicable to the overwhelming number of laptops) — noticeable overheating if the laptop is to download the full program. So either accept the fact that in engineering calculations and video editing the CPU is not working “all the money”, or change the thermal grease and tinkering voltage CPU and GPU.

Ultrabook with good power supply and cheaper “MacBook”

Maybe you do not need a “tag”, and need a compact laptop style MacBook Air (but not Air itself, because it costs a lot, but in power and screen quality is not satisfied)? Order directly on my knees in the aisle to quickly process the pictures to rewrite the code, finished the drawing in AutoCAD — all in our days can be successfully done even on a laptop with a 13.3-inch screen. But, of course, not every. There are cheap and slow and expensive and slow “tryneski” but, thank God, many in this category and really smart laptops. For example, ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UN. What’s in it okay?

He is currently 74, 000 and much faster than brand new MacBook Air. This is still a compact car — “Sedbuk” weighs only 1.1 kg, so lost in your backpack — don’t even think about it. He’s not particularly fat — just 1.4 cm, But that he has not very video game. Although some individual chip is still there — NVIDIA GeForce MX150. To in document 2 to play enough. Or in more modern games, but at a minimum of graphic detail.

But the processor — the processor is fine. Not dual core, as it was in ultrabooks recently, and with four cores and a speed, which is a couple of years ago was thick gaming laptops. In General, not only to the letter in the mail to answer.

And modifications of the ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UN over 74 000 rubles as a primary and only HDD — SSD 500 GB. For the money — a rarity. However, we did not measure its speed, and it may be that it is not the fastest SSD among its kind on the market. But in any case, any SSD is much faster than a hard drive for speed in real life, so the difference would be noticeable. He was, incidentally, can be replaced with faster or more capacious, there suddenly you really do not have enough polterabayta, but the memory does not expand.

Yes, you are firmly chained to 8GB until the end of the possession of the ultrabook. And it’s not bad, unless you plan to mount on it a video or run a virtual machine (how it deals with the vast majority of users), but, after all, is not penny worth I would like to have 16 GB of RAM. And Yes, you can find an ultrabook with 16 GB of RAM, but it will be much more expensive. In other words, it would be better in this model was a separate slot for additional straps of RAM… which is not.

Finally, I am glad that in this modification, screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, not 4K. 13.3-inch screen, in my opinion (but not in the opinion of many producers), the difference between Full HD and 4K picture is not as noticeable as the difference between the autonomy of the laptops with such matrices.

Well, “walked” all games

Finally, our choice in the category of “want to play Igors on high settings without inexpensive SMS” Acer Predator Helios 300. This is a full gaming laptop, but you don’t have to give half the Kingdom (the majority of game models in the era of sluggish ruble more expensive). To you, God forbid do not forget that this laptop is gaming, the old clown tradition, the manufacturer painted it in black with touches of red here and there. And definitely the red backlight keyboard.

In the chosen modification is the same 4-core processor of the latest generation, as in the aforementioned G3, Dell 15 3579, specifically Intel Core i5-8300H. Yeah, not a super-duper shestiyadernik, but more importantly: first, it will work perfectly in tandem with existing in this laptop video card and will not be the weak link in games, and secondly, I’m still trying to find a gaming machine that cost below the psychological mark in 100 000 rubles. On the more expensive notebook we will discuss below.

And now back to the Acer Predator Helios 300 on Board which you can find slot graphics NVIDIA GeForce 1060 6 GB of RAM any game will “fly” at high or maximum settings. The RAM of this laptop is 16 GB, and plenty of it, but you can add as much again.

With the internal memory is not so rosy in this price range — Acer Predator Helios 300 92 000 offers all the same terabyte of hard drive storage, and the 128 GB SSD. You can live, but for super fast running games, you will be able to buy higher capacity SSD. Especially because the SSD in this model are quite easy to replace compared to some other models of Acer, where to get to the SSD, you need to shake up the devil with all the guts of the unfortunate laptop.

In General, for games at high for the not exorbitant price of Acer Predator Helios over 92 000.

Equally cool at work and play laptop with slim body

Now talk about really great, but still worth a reasonable amount, the car. Namely, the subtle but very powerful laptop MSI GS73 8RF Stealth. Well, the sensible money is of course on the characteristics and capabilities rather than relative to average salaries in the country. Because MSI GS73 8RF Stealth configuration, which I will now describe, is already 180 thousand rubles.

A lot? Wildly much. But do not forget that somewhere, while you peacefully go to work and go about their business, people in sneakers and a pair of skinny pants buy “MacBook Pro” Intel Core i9 for half a million rubles. Against this background, 180 thousand for a quick and slim MSI GS73 8RF Stealth not seem like such a large amount.

Because the features justify the price. It should be noted that this is a laptop with the largest screen among those listed in this article. The display at GS73 8RF MSI Stealth 17.3 inch. But, as it weighs only 2.4 kg and thickness of only 2 cm, it can easily be confused with “tag”. But it’s nice to work for such a large screen! Moreover, on such diagonal it 4K resolution already looks much better than on models with 13.3-inch matrices.

But the screen resolution here not only for photos and movies — power MSI GS73 8RF Stealth with a margin enough for a much more difficult task. After all, he is a serious six-core processor Intel Core i7-8750H and from 32 GB of RAM — with this set already, you can easily do video editing wherever you may be. Finally, for games, here you can find NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max. Power supply of any quality settings at 1920×1080 piskala, but at 3840×2160 will need to reduce the detail to medium. Yes, it’s not top-end GTX 1080, but in a very thin laptop.

Finally, there is a lot of constant memory: not only hard disk on terabyte, but SSD 512 GB — at least fit a few games. The icing on the cake is the custom keyboard with multicolor backlight.

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