Smartphones you can compare dozens of options. The abundance of models is easy to get lost and forget about the features that will make life easier for any user. “Газета.Ru” — about the most overlooked “feature” of smartphones.

Famous brand, striking design, long battery life, good camera, fast processor — it would seem that may be new to what to look for when choosing a smartphone. However, the mobile industry is not standing still. New technologies and new opportunities appear very quickly, and to keep track of them is not always possible. We will discuss five important characteristics of modern smartphones, eluding everyone’s attention, but which should not in any case be ignored.

More charges, good and different

The requirement to increase the battery life of the smartphone and equip it with a larger battery consistently ranked first in the wish list of users for the past five years. However, it is not necessary to consider the leading manufacturers of smartphones fools, ignoring the queries of potential buyers.

As it turned out, the difference between what people say and what they buy, is very large. According to marketing research, in the form of two smartphones, one of which is equipped with a more capacious battery (but more thick and heavy) and the other more subtle and elegant (but less capacious battery and lower battery life), the buyer chooses the second option.

That’s why most manufacturers prefer to increase the time of the smartphone alternative and challenging ways — using more energy-efficient processors, screens, optimize software, improve the quality of the batteries, but it does not put into their capacious machines larger batteries and carefully monitor the design of their devices, especially their thickness.

As for the new chips related to power consumption of smartphones in this area in addition to the size of the battery has a lot of interesting.

Let’s start with the new USB Type-C or USB-C, replaced the MicroUSB in some Android devices. The new connector not only more convenient (in a symmetrical socket easier to insert the charging cable), but it still supports different types of turbo chargers with high power (50 watts). Fast charging support Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and others.

The new iPhone this support too, but, unlike most companies, Apple doesn’t put a quick charger in the set of mobile — it will have to be purchased separately.

Powerful charger provides charging from 0 to 100% for 35-90 minutes and from 0 to 50% for 10-20 minutes.

Another little-known option associated with the supply of smartphones is wireless charging. Such charging is not very fast, but very convenient — you put your smartphone on a special surface to charge it without any wires.

Latest cool option related to smartphone battery is reverse charging.

Especially effective wireless reverse charging. While it is supported only premium smartphones from a couple of vendors, but almost certainly this “feature” will soon appear from other manufacturers.

What gives? From a smartphone with reverse charging, you can recharge your Bluetooth headphones, smart watches or any other accessories, and the smartphone in this case acts as an external battery. But the most curious thing is that during charging, one smartphone can charge other device. For this you just need to put on a smartphone connected by cable to the wired charging another device. In this case, the first device besides the fact that he is charging, acts as a wireless charging for the second. Thus, one conventional wired chargers charge two smartphones or a smartphone and any accessory.

The fingerprint scanner in the screen

With the proliferation of contactless POS terminals, banking applications and payment systems, the smartphone is turned into a means of payment, and reliable technology for the authentication of the owner of the trendy options moved into the category of must have. Now the most popular and convenient way of unlocking the smartphone and payment apps is the fingerprint scanner.

A few years ago the location of the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel was a token of budget smartphones. The entire premium segment was equipped with a front-facing scanners that are located under the screen. However, after winning frameless design concept places the scanner on the front of the smartphones left. Some time even the flagship smartphone, the lenses were placed on the back surface. Not to say that it was comfortable, but the other way, the engineers were not.

Apple did radically and in General refused the fingerprint scanner in favor of Face ID, and now the leading Android vendors have placed the latest optical and ultrasonic scanner directly at the screen. We won’t say anything bad about the system of Face ID from Apple, but in many cases unlock your smartphone using fingerprint, it is easier and faster than facial recognition.

The location of the scanner directly in the screen really comes in handy — it’s much more comfortable than the scanner on the back, which need to press into the touch. In addition, this design does not increase the lower frame around the display.

Aspect ratio

You should pay attention to the proportions of the displays in modern smartphones. In 2018, it has become fashionable to use the aspect ratio 18:9 instead of 16:9. Why is it important? First, since most mobile apps are arranged on the principle of vertical scrolling, then the screen can fit more information. Second, if you take in hand the two smartphones with the same screen size, more narrow, with the display 18:9, would be more ergonomic. It really “fits better in the hand.”

Card slot MicroSD

No, this is not a joke, because the slot for the memory card, if there is one, really saves a lot of money. The fact that many smartphones are made with a different amount of internal memory.

Almost always much cheaper to buy the cheapest version of your chosen smartphone and just buy the memory card, provided that the device has a slot for it.

Built-in memory is indeed faster, but if you use the MicroSD for storing music, videos, photos, and other media content, the difference in speed will be imperceptible.

Note that most smartphones are now equipped with hybrid slots. This means that you can insert into such a slot or an extra SIM card, or MicroSD. But there is a hack. There are several manufacturers that equip their smartphones with two separate slots — one for SIM and one for memory cards. It is worth paying attention to.


Earlier in this setting, few people paid attention until 2019, he didn’t become a huge pain, a huge number of users. We are talking about the size of the display.

According to NPD’s Mobile Phone Track, 2015-2018 year, the average diagonal size of the screen has grown from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches.

And in 2019 the minimum diagonal presented the flagship smartphone was 6.1 inches.

What to do in such a situation, people with small hand and those who hate the huge six-inch “shovel”?

There are two options. Either hold phone with two hands like a tablet, to put it mildly, not the best option, or to pay attention to the actual compact model, which still are produced by some vendors. They are few, but they are. In addition, in the budget segment of the Chinese manufacturers also have small gadgets, so adolescents and delicate girls with small hands will have plenty to choose from.

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