9 August, Samsung unveiled the next flagship – Galaxy Note 9 with a price tag of 999.99 USD for the base model with 128 GB of memory.

For many, the price of 1,000 dollars for a smartphone that is not much different from last year’s model, is too high, what the South Korean tech giant didn’t consider. But there are those who are willing to buy a more “extravagant” version of the device. For this category of consumers is a boutique luxury phones are handmade famous brand of Caviar.

Manufacturer of luxury smartphones Caviar, known for its super-expensive versions of the iPhone, this time surpassed himself and unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold one kilogram of pure gold.

To purchase this model can be anyone at a price of 57 000 USD, starting August 24. Pre-order can be issued already today.

In addition to Note 9 in the form of gold bars, the wizard Caviar made of model alligator leather strap, black composite onyx and gold variant with the coat of Arms of the Russian Federation.

The details of pre-order is available on the website Caviar.


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